Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Creation of a Quilt...

I have been collecting Lecien Fabric ever since I visited on of my favorite Fabric stores "Cabbage Rose" in FT Worth, TX. This wonderfully detailed fabric was over by itself on a table and despite it's high price I left with a small stash all for me to use. Finally I have decided to delve into the stash and this is what I have been creating.

It is inspired by Jane Stickle's Dear Jane masterpiece. By no means does it come close to her magnum opus, but I think it is wonderful. I have loved having this quilt evolve beneath my rotary cutter and edge. It turned out bigger than I intended so I
had to improvise a bit on the back. I am still in the process of quilting it up. Between 3 kids, my husband on TDY and a stack of bags to make I have not had much time for myself to just sit and sew.

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