Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lunch Sack Tutorial

I told you I would get this posted eventually. Here is a tutorial for really easy lunch sacks. You do not need any experience at all to make this little versatile bag. Feel free to jazz it up with a lining or exterior applique. I kept it simple here. Have a good time and maybe make a couple for Christmas presents. Hand made is always more meaningful!


natesgirl said...

oh yeah I am going to try this.. you lost me at "gussets" but i am going to try - if you could send me a leg or two from dh's flight suit whenever you shop the bags- no rush i have SIX people coming to visit for a MONTH... Lord help me

The Army of Four said...

I gave this a go over the weekend! How totally fun! The Ao4 are giving me permission to post a couple pix of mine in a day or two - probably Wednesday. It was so fun and your instructions layed it out so clearly. Really great job on the tutorial.
I decided to line it, then realized if I wanted to embellish it, I should have done so before any sewing. Oops. There will be many, many more of these :), so I'll try adding fun things next time!
Thanks again!
Karen - mom of the Ao4

the Campfollower said...

See, super easy! You can use the same technique for the lower arm of the top too. My 2 year old carries a bag made from a cuff and it is brim full of little cars and Thomas trains. I made him a strap out of 550 cord and lined it with pirate fabric...he carries that bag everywhere, and it weighs a ton! I am so happy the "tutorial" worked out for you. I love converting uniforms into second purposes.

I am really enjoying your blog and think of you every time I see the big Huskies sitting out in their yard. They are only out in the evenings and they look so majestic. My Emma (6 year old) loves your dogs too. She has decided that we will need to get a girl when we go home to the states so she can brush her hair, since Gaucho does not really have enough hair to brush.

I hope your Christmas is going well!


The Army of Four said...

Hi Tia!
We got hit by a massive ice storm and my posting the pix of my bag was delayed. I'm putting it up now!
Thanks for the idea of using the arm, too! That sounds great!
Merry Christmas!
Karen & the Ao4

Melissa said...

Hi, I love your tutorial too, I came over from the AO4's blog post. I love to do embroidery and crazy quilting and I adore purses so I'm going to try yours and some from the links you shared, I don't sew much (just embellish) so easy is good for me.
I also wanted to mention that if you added a label list to your blog in the side bar (go to your dashboard, layout, then click on Add a Page Element, find Labels, and click the Add to Blog under it)
Then you could go into each post for the tutorial and type in a label for it. Then all someone would have to do is link to the label on your blog and the whole tutorial will be there and easy to find and read all together. I hope this makes sense. Anyway just trying to help.

the Campfollower said...

HI Melissa,

I added a label element. I must say that at times I think my 6 year old knows more about the internet than I do. I think I should have put the labels on to begin with....Hummm, I need to work on this! Oh well, thank you so much for the advice thanks for taking the time to comment, Have a Merry Christmas!

Melissa said...

Thanks! I noticed you added the label list! Great Job! You can go back into (edit) the posts for the Lunch Sack Tutorial and add the label to them and republish them that way anyone can click on that label and see the whole tutorial together. It's a nice work around for not having all the steps in one post.
Blogging is a skill in itself, my husband does computer stuff, but I know more about blogging than he does only because of trial and error of keeping one! LOL
Merry Christmas!

LJ said...

Did blogger eat your tutorial?

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