Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dion Date Night Clutch

I love this bag....I loved it when I made one for myself for the big ball we went to and I smile whenever I see it. I have my bag in my little studio over on the shelf. I love how tiny and silly it is. It fits a very slender wallet and cell phone and your favorite lipstick...maybe a mint or two, but that is about it. This bag is not going to be a catchall for the kids things, you can't shove the loaf of bread you just picked up from the shop in it. This bag is all about the essentials. For me the essentials are a lip gloss, my wallet, and my sunglasses. Alice Springs is so tiny a cell phone is pretty unnecessary, so I don't carry one (in the States I was fairly reliant on mine, but that was then, this is now).
I have been wanting to make one out of BDU and ACU for some time...I finally did it! It is for a very patient lady....and I named it for her "Dion Date Night Clutch" I have another Clutch in the is going to be "Suzan Button Clutch" it will be awesome too, hopefully I will have that one up tomorrow...I just can't wait to make it.
I am into small bags at the moment since my youngest is finally potty trained. I don't have to carry around a bunch of things....well I don't always have to carry around a bunch of things. I have 2 Stus packed and ready for the pool tomorrow.
I entered the Mote set into Amy Butler's Sew Inspiring contest...we will see how it goes, feel free to stop by and leave comments if you like. There are some lovely bags already was very hard for me to decide which bag to enter. I love Amy Butler and I have used SOOOOOOO much of her fabric over the years. Oh well, that is what is new in our world. Dinner is about ready, gotta go make sure my husband has not decided to put anchovies in the sauce.


mery said...

I've read about your bags history, and it wonderful, you recicle the uniforms and make amazings bags!!
kisses from Brazil

The Army of Four said...

Totally cute! I would carry something like that to a formal. :) Seriously.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Very funky!!! I love it! I would totally carry it as well!
(Sitka & Tia too)

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