Monday, January 28, 2008

Dutch Baby

This is my hard times meal...a Dutch Baby. I make this when I just can't think of anything else. This week I have sewing like mad and trying to do the single parent thing again. I forget how helpful my husband when he is around, but then when he leaves...all hell brakes loose. Dinner time rolled around and we were out of just about everything except milk, eggs and flour. Bamm sounds like Dutch Babies tonight! The kids love it, I think it is great. You should try it too.

1/3 cup butter

4 eggs

1 cup flour

1 cup milk

preheat oven to 425F (220 C) While the oven is heating up I put the butter in the big skillet I am going to use to cook the pancake and melt it in the heating oven.

(make sure your pan can go in a really hot oven. alot of the pans with pretty rubber on the handles can't go in a 425F oven)

while the butter is melting, crack your 4 eggs into a blender ( I let them blend away for a minute or so) then add the cup of flour and cup of milk. Blend it all up.

Check to see if the butter is melted, pour the batter into the pan and bake for about 25 minutes. It will rise like crazy while it is cooking, so be ready to eat when the buzzer goes off. We love ours with lemon and powdered sugar, but it is wonderful with maple syrup too. Whatever blows your hair back!




Hoola Tallulah said...

OMG that's not ducth babie's! The Dutch stole that from the English LOL THAT is a Yorkshire Pudding! Looks good too, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Lola...again said...

That's not yorkshire pudding either!! It's a German Pancake!! Delish!

the Campfollower said...

Ya'll are funny. Growing up we called it "Elephant Ear" but now we really just call it "Big Pancake"...but I ask you this, "would a baked pancake by any other name taste as wonderful?" Sorry, Shakespere, I took some liberties with that quote. Enjoy your meal, ladies!

Hoola Tallulah said...

It's Yorkshire Pudding I tell you, you need roast beef with that! German pancakes indeed, Dutch babie's, Big pancakes? THIS MEANS WAAARRRRRRRRRRR! LOL

the Campfollower said...

Is this going to become an Internal incident?? Do I need to involve the UN in settling the name of the "big Pancake"?

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