Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First day of School

So, our "summer break" is over. Back to school time! Yesterday we were laying all Emma's stuff out so she could be all ready and there would be a limited number of setbacks in the morning. When I got her old Target special backpack down it was horrible. All dirty and had big holes in the bottom where she had drug it along behind her at some point. It was awful...missing buttons, worn corduroy. Just an embarrassment for my little princess. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said "you said you were going to make me a new bag, but I guess this one will do." Wow. "No it WON"T!" By Golley, I spend my days sewing away for virtual strangers, and when I do take the time to sew for myself I feel horribly guilty (does anyone else ever feel this, or am I really going crazy out here in the middle of the desert?). I decided that My little girl was going to have the best backpack in her little first grade class (well at least the best backpack in her class made by me ;o)). I got an order from yesterday and the Pochee magazine had a similar pattern to what I was trying to there you go. I was getting ready to open my superbuzzy box when the phone rings. (my kids all go crazy when the phone rings, that is the time to need to be held or have some terrible wound cleaned or get in a big fight with your sister....basically it is a free for all when the phone rings, must be like calling an insane asylum) so I answered the phone and ran outside....I was not on the phone too long, but when I came back inside from the oven that was my front yard the box was already open and everything was laying out on the table...oh thanks Emma. It didn't look like everything I had ordered, but I do alot of fantasy shopping and sometimes I empty my basket of what I really want....Anyway, back to the backpack. I march down the hall to my little studio and ask Emma what fabric she wants. She looks kinda sheepish and goes to "her fabric" stack where I see the Yuwa blue flowers that should have been in the box! Emma had opened my box of fabric and taken FIRST PICK! Little imp. But the blue flowers looked great with the Marimekko, so that is what happened with her back pack. I wish I could have gotten about 3 more yards of the blue is just a really lovely fabric. Oh and I finished the backpack at about 2230 last night. That is very late for me.

OK, now onto my other bags....Shultz, Hunt and Profitt...yours should be ready to have their picture made by are all getting something special for your patience!

Oh and did I mention that this month has been a really crazy start to 2008? 2 computer crashes (thank goodness for my husband and him backing everything up on his external drive), TDY (I am really out of practice with this single mom thing), Almost redesigned website, almost 30 days straight of 100F+ finally going back to school, oh and my weird pericardial sack swelling is back. Some sort of stupid Austailian Outback virus I have caught from the nasty grocery store. Apparently it is only troubling to me and my family, the Docs here throw their hands up. "You are a very healthy woman...." "you don't fit any of our cardiac stereotypes...." so then I have to go all weepy on them and then they listen....dammit I don't have time to be ill. Fix me, I have things to do.

oh well that is it for now! back to sewing!



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