Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Good Morning, morning!

Our yummy little chartreuse figs are almost ready for harvesting. I need to find some good recipes for them, since I have so many. Basically Fig Newtons is about all I know to make, but my neighbor has been coming over to the house for the past month waiting for them to get ready so maybe she will have some more recommendations. We have another fig tree with massive purple figs, but the fruit flies like them too, and few things gag me worse than opening up fruit and having squirmy little larva wallowing around. Yuck.
On that note let me tell you a funny story. Well not funny, kinda sad. When I first move to the middle of Australia I had big expectations for the indigenous population. The Aboriginal culture is such an ancient one and I had watched my Discovery Channel so I was ready to be amazed. Well, I hate to admit I was disappointed with in the first couple days. I know I have written to several of you about how odd and stinky they are. And I hate to sound like a raciest, but they are odd and stinky (now I am only judging the tribes that live in the Alice Springs area, since those are the folks I am familiar with). The other tribes may smell like lilies for all I know. That is some background...
I was at the grocery store the Friday afternoon, I had my little list so I wouldn't spend all day and My husband had the kids at home so I was a free agent, I was prepared to really make good time. I normally go to the store in the mornings, not the afternoon when the bottle shop is open. Too many intoxicated stinky people to be around. (now I am not talking normal body odor...this is eye watering, mouth breathing pungency. It must be a mixture of diet, campfire, bodily waste and genital infections, oh and alcohol, yes yes I have a keen nose) SO I was making my way to the lettuce display, focused, not inhaling through my nose, ready to select the best leafy green available, when all the sudden right before me Mortal combat is declared! When the aboriginal ladies really get serious about their fighting, they rip off their shirts (I really have no explanation for this) and attack with a great deal of shouting by themselves and their supporters (sounds alot like a dog fight). And Dammit it was right in front of the lettuce display. The altercation was between an older woman and a teenager. The older one was going to be the winner, because she had the young girl down on the ground and was bashing her head into the side of the lettuce stand. Very violent. Oh and you don't interfere with "women's business" or "Men's business" as the case may be. I went off to get the milk....when I came back for my leafy greens the fight was over and one of the shop stock boys was getting ready to clean up the blood. Wow...what a culture.
Now onto other business....I am mailing out a bunch of bags this morning! Oh happy day! I love it when I have a bunch finished and ready to go! Our mail has not come for a couple days, so if you have sent me anything and yet to hear from me, that is the reason. My Internet has been in and out too. If you sent me an email and I have not gotten back to you, forgive me....it is Big Pond's fault.

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