Thursday, January 31, 2008

I am fine...

Soooo, I am fine. The man (so far) has turned out to be just an avid bird watcher. I have not seen him all day but I have seen the Channel Billed Cuckoo ALL DAY LONG. That damn bird has been all over my backyard. Weird how when you finally know a bit about something you see it EVERYWHERE. Oh and he does his very not romantic singing at about 0330. I did take some pictures of him this morning, they are on my Flicker set. I think last night was the first night in the entire year I have lived in this house that I have slept with the blinds closed. I slept horrible. I hate having my blinds closed. I want to see what the heck is getting ready to break in my house, by golley. But for now it is just a really big bird with creepy red eyes.

I went outside early this morning to get some figs for breakfast and lo and behold that massive bird was perched in my tree. He really looked horrible and his eyes are really red. He was looking around for other birds (I guess) but didn't seem to notice me. Must have been my brilliant comoflage (blue dish towell over shoulder and green Nigella wrap skirt. I had a tshirt on too. I don't make a practice of marching around topless, especially with my amorous Spanish neighbor and bird watching strangers loitering around the place). The bird seemed pretty comfortable, so I went back in to get my camera and cup of joe and sat out with him and his really horrendous singing. (click on that if you are curious about what Alice Springs sounds like at 0330 outside my bedroom window it may not work, but I hope it does.)

Oh I made another wristlet the other day. It is in the picture above. It is named the "Karen Wristlet". Pretty darn cute, huh? Made from one of the lower blouse pockets and 550 cord. I can put them on my new site if you think anyone would like one...for now they are goodies for my patient clients. I dig them.
Have I mentioned how much I love this little town? Yes, I know I am really on Mars and not Earth, but it really is so friendly. Last week at the butcher (yep I get my meat at a butcher shop, not the grocery store) A lady and her 2 kids were standing outside their running car. She was visably furious. Obviously, the kids had gotten out of the car while she was inside buying her meat for the week and locked her out. I do that here. I leave the 3 savages in the car while I dash in to buy a kilo of pork or some scotch fillets, maybe some croc sausages...depends on what looks good. It only takes a minute normally.
Well without even thinking I offered her a ride home so she could get her other set of keys. Would I do that in the States? I really do not think I would. I would assume it was an elaborate plan to lure me away and rape me and the kids. Nope she loaded her kids and meat in my crazy Truck and off we went to her house to get her keys. I feel so safe here (with exception to the crazy bird man...and some of the more ripe and intoxicated Aboriginies at the grocery store) I would be more than happy for my husband to retire here. It is like living in 1942 (without WWII, of course). Oh well...I need to try and finish one more wallet before crashing for the night.


Melissa said...

Lovely "singing" I think I would just have to scare the thing away squirt water at it or other some such... I know I'm horrible! I just don't think I could stand that squawking for very long.

natesgirl said...

lovely wristlet but wanted to comment on your logo up! i looks great! glad you are weel

The Army of Four said...

Totally cool wristlet! Glad the birdman wasn't a whack job. Or at least one who wants to do you harm. :)

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