Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bag Layouts...DCU

Hi ladies (and gentlemen, if you are here)

I have decided to work smarter here for a moment and post some fabric and bag layouts on my blog. Quite a few of you are sending me DCUs and asking about fabric ere they are. Look around a let me know if any jump out at you. If you see anything you like, email me and I will put it aside for you. I figured this would be easier (and quicker) than emailing everyone individually. Sorry....I am trying to be more efficient.

Selection #1 The first combo (above) is all Kaffe Fassett. Red Roman glass, lavender Shot cotton and flower vases in red. Very vibrant.

Selection #2 is an awning stripe and blue chrysanthemum from Amy Butler's Belle line
Selection #3 is similar to #2, but I added Burgundy Gothic rose. (in my opinion Burgundy Gothic rose is downright orgasmic)
Selection #4 is a bit more subtle. This is an oldie, but goodie from Amy Butler's Charm collection. I love this.
Selection #5....more out of print goodness from Amy Butler's charm collection. I also have the top print in a blue and green colorway that would really pop.

Let me know what you think!



1 comment:

The Army of Four said...

You inspire me! I love the way you put colors together!
PS: I put one of my cheesy bags :) up on the Bernina Boys' blog - in a frayed-edge quilt tutorial.

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