Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Book and Movie and NO batting.

I finished reading this book this morning. I think I cried for the last hour and half of my reading. Not just timid little tears. Great gulping sobs. All through the book I kept wondering what his buddies families thought of him writing the book. Not the gore, War is a terrible thing. But the very public display of death. Maybe it needs to be brought out into the open. We don't have cable out here in the middle of nowhere (not that it is not available, I just don't want it.). I quite hate listening to makeup caked bimbos telling me their take on the news. I refuse to watch CNN because of Robin Meade. She just turns my stomach. OK I am ranting now, let me get back on to my initial train of thought. In my other life as an Army Nurse, I have been with people as they inhale their first breath and exhale their last, or in my last job as a L&D nurse, never got the chance to breath at all. I worked in the ER in Charlotte, NC and can't tell you about all the death I saw there, old, young, drug induced, violent, accident, wrong place/ wrong time, family get together gone terribly wrong....Death and decay and brain mater at 0300. If you want to see the truly odd go work in a large city ER on 3rd shift. In my world I want there to be dignity in death. God made us all for a purpose, maybe these men's lives were meant to touch me in their death. Maybe they were meant to touch you too.
Our APO (American Post Office or more accurately All Points Overseas) lets us check out movies. Most of them are brand spanking new releases. Some even come out before they are released to DVD (last week we checked out Enchanted). Today I checked out an enormous surprise. I had never heard of it before, but decided what the heck? I am out of batting and I just finished my book, so why not? We watched "August Rush". Wow. What a wonderful movie. I LOVED it. Now, I may have a bit of PMS, or I may just be emotional because I am out of Cotton batting so I am just cutting bags and straps and sewing on patches because I can't do diddly squat without batting (I am waiting for a big order from Repo Depot and Hobbs Batting where I get my Organic Cotton batting) but it is late getting here and is probably off in Antarctica where my last order of Japanese fabric spent 2 months (woops, I am ranting again. Sorry) Anyhow, "August Rush" was really a wonderful surprise. Who in the heck is the main man and his brother? The are so very familiar, but I am stuck out here in the bush making ugly dresses for myself (I know you are laughing at me, don't worry I think it is hilarious too!) and I have no idea where I have seen them before. OK. I have been working on this post off and on for the past 4 hours, so I am going to spellcheck and go to bed. Hopefully no one will vomit on me or near me tonight.


RunningWithScissors said...

I Read your blog for the first time today. Laughed my heart out reading the bit about your daughters vomit magic and your husbands sudden mysterious ability to sleep through anything. It sounds like our husbands went to the same parenting training :O)
-Tokyo Mommy (AKA Shannon)

Krikette said...

I hate CNN also. I always end up catching Nancy Grace and that Brett.. eh, something asshole guy. My DVR kept confusing ABC with CNN so it would randomly flick onto the news every time I was trying to record PrisonBreak or whatever.

That is freaking hilarious about the throw-up wonder. You have every right to rant about everything else. I remember one time when Seth waited until we were 45 minutes away from home to completely soak the entire backseat, all of his clothes, his carseat, the backs of our seats, and the floorboards, my purse, and all over me when I tried to get him cleaned off, LOL. Kids are really something.

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