Thursday, March 20, 2008

I think my email is messed up again.

I finished this quilt top yesterday. It was a block of the month program last year. It is lovely and massive. My taste has changed so much in the year that I have been working on this quilt. This is such a classic with the paper piecing and ultra feminine prints. I like it, I love it, but at the moment I have a stack of fabric that I dyed (Saturday) that I have big contemporary plans for involving some hand screen printed fabric and some other little fabric squares from Stitchindye

I am having trouble with my email again. If you have sent me an email in the past several days and I haven't responded, please check your SPAM folder. I really am fairly fanatical about my email. You can also write me again at I have no earthly idea why I am having trouble with it, but I have never been accused of being a cyber genius. I have been trying to get hold of B. Tuttle and C. Kniffen specifically. Nothing bad I promise, just a question or two about your bags. Other than that everything is fine here. The Easter Bilby (strange rabbit like marsupial that hops around the outback) may be coming to visit our house on Sunday, then it is off to church. I am finishing up the bumper to match a quilt I made a while back, and I have been working on lots of bags. I need to update the list over there. Oh I have also been fiddling with Myspace. I am pretty sure I am one of the last Americans to figure it out, and I am not doing very good, it is like a time vacuum, but it is pretty great to "see" some friends from Ft Hood. Gosh, I miss you gals. I guess that is it, feel free to email me again at my other address and hopefully I can get an answer about why I am having trouble with my email. My husband is waiting for me to watch "Meet the Spartans" with him. We tried it a couple hours ago, but quickly decided it was not going to be good for the whole family. Last night we saw "I am Legend" I don't really like the end-of-the-world movies, but Wil Smith did a pretty good job. OK, I am babbling now.



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Tif said...

Facebook is such a time suck for me. My high school friends are on there and I swear all we are doing is catching up,

I'm not into deep movies these days LOL. I like simple and slightly silly :).

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