Sunday, March 2, 2008

Free Bag Giveaway!

Last night we went to a dining out with the Northern Territory Officer Association. It was pretty fun. I had the times messed up and for once in my life I was early. My little mate there looks (Well he looked really nice, but I had to remove the picture from my website. Oh well...maybe I should put me and some other fine looking man up there.I will play around with photoshop and see if I can remove his head other identifying features) pretty spiffy, I think (well, thought, until my husband finally read my blog, and decided I should not have his pictures on it). All his bling didn't arrive on time, but we figured no one would notice. When the rest of the medals and pins and decorations do finally get here he will look like he is about ready to take over a Central American country. I made a new bag for the party, since my dress is one I have worn before. I think each time you go out with the man of your dreams you should have something new.
This is a new design I am testing out. Who wants to test one?? I think I am going to make another one after this post while I try to recover from my dance with Baccus last night. The Aussies can really put back some ETOH. They had a great Cabernet Shiraz that was just so smooth, and every time a turned around my glass was full again. Needless to say I am hydrating this morning.
Here is the other new bag style I made yesterday morning. It turned out larger than I initially desired, but I will tote it around and see if I will put it in circulation or not. I LOVE the train one, but this one is up in the air. Let me know if you want it! You can test it out for me. I want to do a give away....but I don't really know how to get that ball rolling. SO let's kick off with this blue bag. What are the rules?? Humm....tell me about your favorite place. I will start. I love Paradise Falls in Western North Carolina. We would go up there from time to time while I was in College. It was always a challenge to get to, but so worth it. I took my mother there 2 years after she had brain surgery. I remember standing with her right on the edge of the falls and it began to rain. Have you ever seen rain fall from above? The sun was out and each raindrop was like a diamond, a precious gift from God, like that special moment with my mother. I will randomly choose the winner this time next week. SO on the 9th my time (8th of March for North America) .


I have a pretty big shipment to make this week. I am just finishing up some small extra bags and wallets for ladies. I should have the majority of my list knocked out this week and next and I plan to open for more custom orders next week. If you want first pick at the limited slots I will have available shoot me an email and I will add you to my email list. You guys will get first pick of the slots.


Tambur said...

Hey Tia,

I'm game...

It is so hard to chose just one spot. There are so many awsome places in this big wide world. But for now I will say that I fell in love with New Zealand. Specifically the south island in Queenstown. Love that place the majesty of the mountains, the shear power of them are almost overwhelming. They are stark and beautiful and impressive. Their reflection off the lake is even more dazzling. A picture cannot capture the enormity, the granduer...but it does help to trigger the memory and in my minds eye I can go back.


the Campfollower said...

HI Tambur, Thanks so much for sharing! We are going to go to New Zealand before leaving here. I have heard NOTHING but wonderful things about it. I have had to stop myself from working on your bag about 10 times today. It is going to be AWESOME.


Jen said...

Nothing like a free bag to get me out of lurk-dome.

My favorite hard to choose just one. We went to the Dordogne region of France last year and it was beautiful. I also love the west coast of Ireland.

- Jen (sew and sox)

The Army of Four said...

Have I mentioned blue is my favorite color? And I love the "toggle" clasp.
OK... my favorite place to be is in the Quilt Studio, laying on my fluffy bed, helping my mom choose fabric for her quilts and bags. Is that a place? I couldn't decide between there or on top of Mom. Or running in the snow. :)
Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind
PS: You can see how hard I work here:

Maria said...

I will come out of lurk-dome for this! Quick intro of me, I'm Maria I was linked to your flickr long ago by a friend, I'm a fellow bag maker and military wife, I think what you do is incredible. :)

My favorite place is Valdez, Alaska. We spent a lot of time fishing for salmon at Alison point and nothing holds a candle to the serene beauty you find there. It is overwhelming and even thinking about it gives me chills.

the Campfollower said...

Thank you so much for your comments! You all have some great favorite places. I want to go too! Ok, this comment is by Jill V. She emailed it to me, but since I am going to do the random selecter tool I need the comments to be here on the blog if you want to win a bag!

OK, so I was silly and did not read the rest of the directions!!!
My favorite place is my Grandparent's pond. We would go there when I was younger and fish and run around in the woods, laughing and playing hind and seek. We swam in the cold water and made s'mores on the fire. I hope to take my kids there and teach them to fish and about all the trees and everything in the woods like my family did me. It makes me happy just thinking about all the good times we had (and have) there!
Thanks again!
Jill :)

natesgirl said...

My favorite place in the world... ugh how very sad is this I don't have one that's like a land mark or anything, I love lots of different places and they all hold special memories for me... since DH is military I don't really have a place I call "home" you know about that, I mean I have a home state, but that's different...
hmmm my favorite place sorry this is so long and disorganized... well today I was in our bed, my 1 year old sleeping on my right side (kicked off all the blankets in her cute little diaper) and my 3 year old on my right side (sucking her thumb as she always does when she sleeps, wearing that blasted Disney princess nightgown that might as well be a security blanket)they both looked like peaceful angels, peace is rare in this house. That is my favorite spot though.

C. Kniffen said...


My husband and I went to Niagara Falls for our 1st wedding anniversary in November of 2005. This is my favorite place not just because of its beauty, but, also because of the time in my life that it represents. Just over a year prior (Sept 2004), I had forever life altering brain surgery. I went into that 15-hour surgery expecting to wake up completely blind. As the anesthesia wore off, I realized that I could still see. Things looked different, but I could see!!! So for me, seeing Niagara Falls represented capability, attainment & triumph. It represented the end of a very difficult time in my life. Niagara Falls is absolutely my favorite Place!

jmbmommy said...

OK, So I think that I want the lady above to win the bag, but I will venture forth. I just saw your quilt on Sew mama sew...

ANYWAY... Favorite place...One of them is the Rhosendal Gardens in Stockholm...beautiful, restorative, peaceful...a great place that is just too far away from where I am now!

She sure is strange! said...

Well lets see. You posted about a favorite spot of mine, western North Carolina! My parents live near Burnsville and we are in love with the area. Unfortunately we're stuck in east Texas for a while. Anyway, my other favorite places are in the southwest, particularly southern Colorado/northern New Mexico. It is just beautiful there.

I have seen rain like you described, once when I was watching my kids swimming in our pool. There were wispy clouds but mostly sun and the most brilliant diamond raindrops I've ever experienced, it was thrilling and I didn't want it to end.

Lovely blog, I'm new to you, linked through your comments on free motion quilting on flickr.


Lael Feist said...


Please add me to your contest! Absolutely one of my favorite places is a camp I went to when I was a kid, Camp Wightman, in North Stonington CT. I can still smell the air there! There was this massive rock (big enough for a little cottage for the elderly camp keepers at the top) that they called Infinity Rock that was perched at the edge of the lake. In the morning, if you hiked down there before the sun was fully up, you could look along the top of the water just under the fog and see big snapping turtles coming up. The biggest turtle of the lake was rumored to be 4-5 feet in diameter and was named Goliath. What I would give to be able to watch for Goliath every morning...


K.Abbe said...

Hi Tia...I'm going to give this a shot. I've thought about your question for a good week...debating about favorite vacation spots, different areas of the country and couldn't pick just one.

So, I have decided that my favorite spot, right now, would have to be my baby's nursery. It's the back room of our home in Texas...the smallest room in our house, but it opens the biggest dreams for me. It took us quite sometime to get pregnant, and when I'm in this room, I feel as though all my dreams and prayers are being answered. It's the room that gets the most sun...the soft early morning sun and the setting evening sun but is also shaded by an old pecan tree. It's warm, cozy, inviting, happy and gives me great content, joy and peace!

Thank you Tia...great really got me thinking!

Helen said...

Ohhhh favourite place? For me, Rottnest Island. Its a little island a 30 minute ferry ride off Fremantle, Western Australia. Its small! One grocery store, a pub, bakery, post office and a few cafe's. To get around, you have to walk or ride a bicycle. Only cars allowed on the island are service vechiles. It just has an air of endless summer about the place, perfect beaches for the kids. Its just perfect! One of our last trips I blogged here

*sigh* I'd go tomorrow if I could!

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