Monday, April 28, 2008

New Bags!

What a great sewing day I have had today! I LOVE days like this. I made this little Civilian Backpack Purse for a good friend of mine here in Alice. She and a couple other friends here in town are big Vera Bradley Fans. This is my rendition of one of her (Vera Bradley) bags. Apparently she no longer makes it, so I took a stab at it. I am crazy for how wonderful it turned out! Now I am biased. I really like my work. I have a Vera Bradley catalog, she makes some pretty cute things, but I have never been really wild for her fabric choices. Isn't that crazy? I guess that is why I like my bags better. Oh and Vera died and her family is now running the company and Wendy says they are being jerks. This is heresay....but there you go.
I also made this little wallet this morning. It is so cute and tiny! It is sorta like the one I carry. Mine is bigger and made from the softest leather. My husband got it for me at the Heidelberg Christmas Market. I think I am going to make another one for me....we will see.
We hiked up Mt Gillen yesterday. My legs are killing me. This is after I went for a little 2 mile jog. I have decided I am tired of my body not being nice and firm anymore. And my morning Sun Salutations are only doing so much. We are going to be a fit family!
Look at all the things you can stuff in the new wallet? So darn practical! OK, now onto books....I am very disappointed with Kite Runner. I have given it chances. I have been a good reader, but last night I read the last of it that I am going to read. I threw it across the bedroom. That is it. Tambur, this was a terrible book! Yuck! Should I really give it one more chance? I just don't want to deal with little cleft lipped boys being raped. It is just too horrible. I am just going to cancel my vacation to Afghanistan (just kidding, there is no way my husband would go with me there, I will just have to wait until I get reactivated in the Nurse Corps). This is why I normally stick to Romance Novels. Does anyone have any good authors to suggest?

I am going to go eat dinner (grilled lamb and salad) then I will finish this post.


The Jen said...

Great new bag. I recently was asked to do a "vera" also. Very cool back-packy bag. ~jen~

Tif said...

The book is so sad and powerful. It made me cry. The ending is peaceful, though there will be more turmoil as the book goes on.

But yes, one needs to be in a mood to read it. Keep sticking it out and read it in doses. This is what I do with Isabelle Allende books...bits at a time.

Love the new bags!! Esp the backpack!

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

I'm jealous of the amount of lamb you get to eat. We love lamb around here but it isn't the same when it isn't fresh.
I've been avoiding Kite Runner for the exact reasons you state.
I'll have to email you the latest books I've read to see if you are in to any of those. I must tell you that I'm on a Juvenile Fiction kick of late, but it's still fun.

Hillary said...

Philippa Gregory. :) She's good. I've liked her books. They are easy historical novels to read. She's the one who wrote "The Other Boleyn Girl". Good books.

I love that little backpack purse. Too cute!

jmbmommy said...

Yeah...I couldn't read that one either...too sad, scary, real. I like Jennifer Weiner (for easy escape reading)...I will think of some more (have you read the Janet Evanovich "Stephanie Plum books"? They are silly and fast paced and funny.)

Momma M said...

I love that wallet!
Sherilyn Kenyon
Lynn Kurland
Debbie Macomber
Lisa Kleypas

I usually love everything I read by them.

Sarah said...

i don't really care for the vera bags. i think it is the hype that bother's me. plus, i don't want to go out and see 10 other women with the same exact thing as i have. ugh! I like your backpack, especially the fabrics.

you should finish the book. i did, and it was worth it.

one of my favorite authors is Earlene Fowler.

susan said...

i am with the other ladies. my girlfriend and i share books and she gave that one to me. i emailed her every day to ask her if i really had to stick it out and read it. it made me feel icky BUT it gets better and it is a book you will be happy you stuck with. i am not ashamed to put aside a book that is just not doing it for me, but this one redeems itself.

eat, pray love and
stern men by elizabeth gilbert

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