Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oh Happy Mail Day!

So....this arrived today. Yep, my first shipment of Midwest Modern. Holy Crapola! It is stunning. I have a feeling alot of you ladies are going to be changing your minds about your bag fabric when I get all that I ordered. I got this from repo depot. because I just was unable to wait for all that I ordered to arrive from my fabric Co-op. Oh there are some more shot cottons in the pile from Kaffe Fasset and that ugly stuff on the bottom of the stack is for an experiment....I won't share too much until I have a picture to back up what is flitting around in my mind.
From the first moment I saw the pictures of this fabric collection I saw a quilt made with this group of prints, along with a pure white and a pin dot yellow. So, soon I am going to take the time a sew for just me. I will of course finish a bunch of bags first, but sometimes it hurts my brain a bit to have a phenomenal inspiration in my mind and not be able to let it out.
That is what happened with this little doll quilt. I originally had something totally different in mind. So strong in fact that I loaded up the truck with kids and husband and camera and drove way out into the bush to take pictures of the mountains at sunset....I wanted the special light you only see for a couple minutes....and it just lights the mountains on fire and all the vegetation transforms from scrubby old desert grass into this magical forest of possibilities. I think of the 60 pictures I took only one almost captured that "moment"...anyway, I am doing a doll quilt swap over on Flicker. I have never done one before, so I wanted to do a good job. I dyed some of the fabric myself with tea, coffee and mud...I wanted a very earthy pallet and even sketched out my plan (I almost NEVER do that). Then I decided to cyber stalk my partner a bit...well she does not like abstract quilts, which is what this was going to be. OH poo. No sweat I can regroup, but I had to do it quickly! So the above is what I came up with. Very traditional, ultra feminine, Awesome Japanese prints from Lecien (I have stacks of Lecien pieces....I just LOVE them. So many I do not have them on my fabric gallery. There is such a softness and grace to them.). I boardered the little blocks with my hand dyed linen (the one with tea) and I think the linen really added a great texture to the ultra delicate prints. Oh well, I need to get dinner (grilled lamb, salad, and grilled sweet potatoes) going. I hope my partner likes the little doll quilt. The other one is still swelling in my imagination, so it will have to be made soon. But I think I am good to return to my bags for now.

I am going to do my drawing for a free zippy wallet on Friday, so you all be sure to give me your take on the front runners for the President of the US and what their action will be towards Iraq.



Tif said...

That second doll quilt is beautiful!!! Should you ever do the first one though, know that there are always happy recipients around ;) .

Yum to grilled lamb :)

jmbmommy said...

I really want to see the first quilt---I like the linen with the girlie fabric...very pretty. Good luck wiht your swap!

Shely W said...

The fabric is beautiful and so are your quilts. Do you ever watch Martha Stewart? Since I'm a stay at home mom now, I've been watching that show and think that Martha Stewart would love you because of your bags and how crafty you are...!

Helen said...

I'm loooooving AB's new range! Its just beautiful! Will look stunning on your bags. :)

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