Thursday, April 17, 2008

The rantings of a sick woman

I have lots of things to yammer on about this evening. First is my thanks to my mother. A true fashion Huntress. She sent me these pants (Ralph Lauren) after waiting for them to go on super sale. When they reached $20 she bought a pair for herself and me. They are men's pants, but come on....what man to you know who would wear them? Maybe I don't know any gay enough. I LOVE them. Holy Cow the little fingers in China who made them for me (or Bruce) were so darn skilled. I wonder what I would charge for making a set of pants like this.

Here, get a look at the detail.... reverse applique, wonky log cabin quilt blocks, hand embroidery. Yes, they are big, but I can pretend like I didn't finish off all the Lemon bars from the other day when I have to roll over the waist of the pants a couple times.

Here is the bag I finished today. I LOVE it! Well, I love most of the bags I make....I am like a proud momma and her little babies. I just love them all. This one is made with some wonderful Charm by Amy Butler. I have been hording this fabric for sometime....and finally decided to lay into it with my scissors. I am very happy with how it turned out. I hope K. Abbe is too!

So this is what I will be reading over the next week or so. Yes, I know I am all over the place with my reading preferences, but I like to read. I have started Kite Runner and Dead Until Dark. Both are pretty good. I have also flipped trough the Lotta Prints book. That will be fun when I can get my feverish mind to focus. Oh yea we are sick. Most of us are. I don't get is in my job description, but I am sick for some horrible reason. There is an out break of Measles at Emma's school. MEASLES!!!! I thought that was irradiated! So, since we have all been immunized we just get something similar to the flu. Sam has some little spots, but that may just be a rash. Stu and I are dragging around the house, but as soon as I go to lay down here come the boys ready to scratch my back or they need help with something like using the microwave....Yeah that gets me up out of bed pretty quick. I just hope to get them in bed early at night, then I can try to medicate myself and get some good sleep.

See here are 2 of my fellas crashed on the couch. Sam LOVES his backpack and keeps it stuffed full of cars and trucks and trains and his friends and snacks. He even wears it to bed. See the red mark on his neck? That is where it rubbed due to him humping the big, heavy, German Corkscrew and a glass jar of pear nectar around for a day.

Even the truck is sick. Our friends went to town to get a battery for it and it needs something to assist in the ignition of the Glow plugs....all I know is that it won't start, so I have been stranded here at the house with a sick husband and sick kids. Oh and I feel like poo too, but I have some good reading, fabulous fabric and cool pants, so I really can't think of many places I had rather be here in Alice Springs.

Speaking of Alice Springs....for those of you planning your Outback Holiday her in The Alice, there are some pretty fun events coming up. The Beanie Festival, and the Desert Mum are two of my favorites. Plus this is getting into the camping season, all the flies die off and the snakes hibernate, so it is a good time to go out bush. Now, for some reason there are Heaps, Stacks of Aborigines in town. They are from different tribes than the ones that normally hang out at the bottle shop, so I guess something is getting ready to go down. I will keep you posted. I will have to dedicate a post to indigenous photographs and their stories. It may be too shocking though. I will do up a rough draft and see if it is something the world needs to know about or not. It really is pathetic, so it may just make you too sad. Alright, I am rambling...hey, I have a question. Does Martha Stewart Still have her brand "LIVING" at KMART? I wonder if she knows about the KMART here that is totally ripping her off. Maybe that is Blog Fodder too?

Cheers, gals!



bettyninja said...

Men's pants? Crazy. Those would look smashing on a lady. I love the Lotta book on the bottom.

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

I'm sorry you are sick. No fun. You are right, moms aren't allowed to get sick - it's a rule. Not to speak ill of the deployed, but my husband gets very grumpy when I am sick (and he fully admits it). It's one of his major weaknesses.

Maybe you got enough Vitamin C in those lemon bars to chase it all away super fast? Here's to positive thinking!

Lurve the pants.

Don't have a clue about Kmart.

hillary said...

First of all....THOSE ARE MENS PANTS?!

Secondly...I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. It's definitely hard to be Mommy and sick at the same time, so I hope you have a speedy recovery.

As far as I know, good ol' M has her stuff at KMart. I dont' go in them if I don't have to, so I can't be positive, lol.

I love to read too so if you need suggestions...hit me up!

jmbmommy said...

Being sick is the's hoping you are all feeling better!!!

Hoola Tallulah said...

Hope you're all feeling better soon! Those pants rock, and I LOVE your bag!

Erica said...

I hope you all are feeling better!

natesgirl said...

Hi Tia hope you are feeling better haven't seen you update your blog.. prayers!!!

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