Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another great Mail day

DO you ever have days that just really start out bad, but then get much better...and then even way better? Well I had a bad dream about my husband and woke up so mad at him at about 0300 that I wanted to shove him out of bed. I was mad at him pretty much all day. I dreamed he had another wife and liked her much better than me! Oh I was just so mad. I know it was just a dream...but from the other ladies I have spoken with this has happened to them too. So I don't feel like quite such a freak of nature. Then on the way to take kids to school I noticed that a blessed even took place inside my truck and a Praying Mantis gave birth to tons of little praying mantises...well I guess they hatched since I don't think the praying mantis has live birth, feel free to look into that if you wish. All I know is I had a 3 year old Screaming his head off anytime we had to get near the truck (which was often yesterday). The tiny bugs were kinda creepy in a really small bug way and there were so many they really weren't cute like I was trying to make them out to be so Sam would quite screaming. And we couldn't leave the doors open so they could escape since it was raining buckets of water yesterday.

When I went to the post office to mail a bunch of stuff I had this wonderful box of donations from Westminster! They give me fabric for my Hero Bags and Hero quilts that I make for widows and children of servicemen Killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. What a wonderful bunch of fabric they sent this time! Denyse Schmidt, Heather Ross, Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, Tina Givens, Tanya Whelen, Anna Maria Horner...they are all here! I was so excited when I opened this box my heart stopped for a moment. Thank you so much Westminster Fabrics! I am working on quite a few Hero quilts and want to get them out before Christmas, so this is perfect timing.

Michelle Engle Bencsko (of Cicada Studio) sent me these 3" charms of her new collection named "Dogwood". I am a big fan of her independent designed stuff and have been looking foreword to this collection. The colors are wonderful and the scale of the prints is very quilt friendly. I am going to make a little doll quilt with this, so you can all see how wonderful it is.

Finally this is the latest Stu I have finished. I need to complete the Diaper pad and a little wallet and it is off!
I have a ton cut on the table right now so I will be cranking out bags like a woman possessed in no time! Wish me luck.


Tricia said...

I have that same dream about 2 or 3 times a year! I usually end up getting a present or something out of it from my husband! One time it was a dinner out and another time he built me some more bookcases!
Tonight,however, I might be having a bad dream about those creepy bugs in your car! Hmmm,if that does happen, I wonder what I can get out of YOU?!

Lori said...

your bags are fantastic!

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