Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Biffy Boys

I did some sewing for my little men the other day. Ethan wanted an apron...he is not a real "wanty" guy so what the heck I made him one. It only took about 20 minutes. When Ethan had his the little guy needed one too. So now both have aprons for their experiments, or cooking or painting or whatever they need to use an apron for.

I really like the Scottish band Biffy Clyro and I dig the song "Mountains" and I listen to it on You Tube quite a bit....well the boys sing it all the time too. "I am a Mountain....I am the Sea! You can't take that away from me!" It is quite funny.

Oh and since I discovered You Tube (I know it has been around a while, but I just found it) Listen to "Bridal Train" by the Australian Band the Waifes. It is amazing too. It is about a war bride after WWII going to be with her Yankee Sailor. Gosh, I love that song.

My table is heaped with bags! I am off to sew some more!


1 comment:

Heavenly Blossom said...

i must say...I'm bummed! I do wish you were going to Campbell! Would it help if I offered you my free coffee I get weekly? LOL! Not like we have much choice in the matter though, huh?

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