Thursday, February 12, 2009

BushFire Quilt Project Day 3

Hello there quilters from around the World!

First off I want to say how humbled I am by the response this effort is getting. What an amazing group of quilters we have. Basically this has become a giant quilt group with stitchers from all over the Earth involved. Australia, USA, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Canada and Holland! You are coming from all over in our united desire to DO SOMETHING, anything for the people of Victoria. Thank you so much.

What started as me thinking I would try to wrestle up enough blocks for about 3 quilts has swollen into quite a bit more. I am currently in the process of enlisting most of the ladies I know(and gentlemen if they want to come to the party) to title has altered a bit from quilter to organizer. I think it is going to turn in to a proper quilting bee in no time! As soon as these blocks start arriving I will organize them into quilt top groups. Then probably the first weekend in April we are going to have a very large quilting bee here in town so we can stitch all the blocks together into quilt tops. I am working with the quilt guild and town here in town as well as some from other areas around Australia to organize how we are going to distribute the quilts so they can be stacked, quilted, bound and finally distributed to the people of Victoria.

I hope this puts some of your minds to rest! No, I am not doing this all by myself (I was pretty sure I could do 3....but being the mortal that I am 300 will be a bit much) I am getting so very much assistance from all of you! Thank you so much.

I want to take just a second and give a big Internet Thank You to Kim from Honeysuckle Cottage. She called me yesterday morning to let me know that she had arranged for BOLTS of both backing fabric and batting to layer the quilts with! Then she emailed me later in the day to let me know that she also obtained thread! Thank you so much Kim!

Thank you also for those of you who are blogging about the Bushfire Quilt Project. I am looking at it as a World Wide Quilting Bee. Please feel free to add the button over on the top right of the blog page to your blog. It will take you straight to the Flickr Group.

Now let's look at some of the blocks that have been whipped up so far

This one is from Quiltsalad...she is planning on making in entire top! Thank you so much!

Here are 2 from Kim of Honeysuckle Cottage

Here are some from my friend Kristin . I love that text fabric!

This one is by Fissiett, she took hers up a notch to make a fancy center.

These are by Jacquie G....
As you see each star is a bit different, but all together in one quilt top they are going to "twinkle" the different heights of the points and different shades in the backgrounds...these are going to be some fantastic quilts! Thank you so much for joining me in this!
Don't forget to sign your can do it with a fine tip Sharpie Marker or embroider it on. I think it will be nice for the people we give these quilts to know just a bit about who had a hand in making their quilt. Just something simple "Tia from Alice Springs" will do fine. Some friendship quilts have such markings...and since we are friends here I am sure a small name will add to the charm of what we are trying to do.
As I have been making this post a bunch of folks have joined the group and there are a bunch more stars up in the photo pool. Please go explore Bushfire Quilt Project. We have several great discussions going, feel free to join in. You will need a Flickr profile, they are free and I think everyone should have one ;o)
Also I am getting the same questions over and over...there is no dumb question, so don't worry about that, I just can't respond to all of the questions I am getting. My Flickr friend Helen has kindly made a Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) section. There you will find the address to send your completed 12.5" blocks to. I am a chatterbox, so I say a ton and somewhere in what I am blabbing about you will hear what you really want to know...but Helen is able to clearly write the FAQs she is so smart!
Basically you want to know where to send your blocks....OK, I am feeling very naked here but here are my addresses. I have 2. One for people shipping from the USA and another for here in Australia. For those of you who are shipping from elsewhere, I guess you get to choose which one you prefer. Either one will get to me.
Tia Curtis
PSC 276 BOX 89
APO AP 96548
my Australian one is
Tia Curtis
18 Forrest Crescent
Gillen Suburb
Alice Springs, NT 0870
OK...I am off to work on some bags before the stars come pouring in! Thanks again for all your help!


Kristin L said...

Oh crap, I forgot to sign mine. Depending on when the next plane leaves, they should get to you tomorrow or next week ;-). Feel free to sign them "Kristin from Hawai'i" for me.

the Campfollower said...

I will Kristin! Thanks so much for participating!

Anonymous said...

Could I quilt some for you?
I am in Brisbane, but happy to quilt some for you, I have batting and am sure could find backing too.
Please let me know, I will also stitch some blocks in the morning.


Leonna said...

Thanks for the address. I was wondering how you were going to pay for the shipping of all the quilts (once finished), now I know. Great idea. I'll be following your progress and am anxious to learn the quantity you come up with in the end. Best wishes from Washington state.

Anonymous said...

wow, you featured my star on your blog, lucky me

by the way, I have completed 11 up to now, 9 more to go and I think finishing the whole top tomorrow

this is so much fun and a great scrapburster, have to do a quilt like that for me too

Lil (alias Fissiett)

Julia said...

Oh, I too forgot to sign mine..
feel free to sign mine too..
Julia ♥

Shelly said...

OK I'm a little late getting the message of where to go to start helping. I would love to make a couple of quilt blocks and send to you. If that is alright, please email me at This is such a WONDERFUL idea. Those of us along the MS Gulf Coast know what its like to lose everything to disasters, Hurricane Katrina taught us all that!

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