Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Quilts for the Bushfire quilt project

It is starting to get chilly in the mornings here. Fall is coming. I have been busy getting ready for my move and mostly trying to finish up the last of my bags. I wanted to give you all an update about the Bushfire quilt project in case you thought I had forgotten about it. I haven't we have been busy busy here with everything. Below are 30 finished quilts. Some were already finished when they were sent to me, and others we assembled from blocks you sent in. They all look so wonderful. So much love. Great work everyone.

Here is a great little story. On Sunday I got an email from a lady in Toowoomba (Queensland) asking me if I could go to one of the hotels in town and pick up 5 quilts from some of her friends who were visiting on a tour. No problem. I left a message at the hotel for the lady to call me when she got in so we could set up a time. Two lovely ladies met me in the lobby with a suitcase between them. Together we opened up all the quilts a admired them. They didn't want their picture taken, bummer I think they would have looked great on my poor blog. I am not sure if the lady who made all these quilts wants her name on my blog either - so I will just give a link to her Flickr Quiltcraft
All the quilts are so well don and the fabric is just beautiful. I am stunned by all the work she did. She also made 2 other quilts earlier on in the Bush fire Quilt Project and I was amazed then, but now I am just speechless.
Thank you so much!

We are having our final Quilt-a-thon on the 16th. We have quilted as much as we can and are waiting for more batting. I hope it will be here in time! That would sure throw a kink into the whole deal, wouldn't it? There are a bunch of quilts out still being bound and having labels put on. They are all going to look so good finished, but they are going to look even better when they go to their new homes in Victoria!


nicolette said...

This is stunning! The stash of quilts and all those adorable ones that were donated by someone who wants to be unnamed. Quilters are amazing! I’m sure the families who suffered from the bushfires will be so happy to receive such a piece of love!!
Keep up the good work!

julie said...

You are most welcome. I am glad I could do my small part in your quilt project. The children were so excited and proud when I took their drawings back to show them all stitched up in the quilts and to know the quilts would go to some child whose house burnt down in the bushfires. The teacher has now signed up at the LQS to learn basic patchwork. Erin and I have promised to make a smaller version for her at the end of the year to remember all her students.
Thank you to Ashley from for the measurements of her quilt that the other three are made from.
No I don't have any friends or relatives in Vic. I just love what I do and do what I love. I would wrap everyone in a quilt of their own if I could.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the quilts are wonderful! I love the block print ones - enough that I'm going to have to add that to my list of To-Dos. And the star quilts with the drawings are so touching. Someone is going to be very lucky to receive these.

Tia, I know the sheer number of blocks and quilts you've received for the Bushfire Quilt Project, coupled with your upcoming move AND you're Hero Bags commitments, is almost overwhelming. I know you have support there, but you're the one who has assumed responsibility, and that creates a lot of stress. I just wanted to say again - thank you for what you're doing.

Banaghaisge said...

Fantastic quilts, and well done Glenvale PS - gorgeous work! What a very good project to get kids involved in, not only learning about quilting BUT about helping others.
What did they use for their drawings? They fit so well with the wonky stars, totally appropriate for their artworks.Hugs,

Bernadette said...

These quilts are just adorable! I just love how the prep's artwork looks with the liberty stars. Gorgeous.

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