Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Sunday Morning!

Good morning All! I am here with my cup of coffee and my pot of porridge is on the stove waiting for my husband's sausage to finish cooking. I decided to pop in the office and try to scribble out a blog post while the kids sing along to "Sound of Music".

So much happened this week...but when does nothing happen around Clan Curtis? There is always something. Despite the mild chaos I did work a bit on this quilt. I am calling it "Birds of a Feather Flock together" I plan on hand quilting this one too. The quilting will tack down the little wings of the geese. I have a couple already pressed down in anticipation of this event.

On Thursday I had a Doctor Appointment for my creepy face rash and was also diagnosed with Hypertension. While no one seems to know what the heck is growing on my face, the doc did know just which ACE inhibitor to put me on. Yes, yes I know I am young, but it runs in my family. So I am making diet changes...not that big of changes as I really don't use that much salt anyway. I am not real wild about salted breakfast meat...but I am cutting back on my morning cup of coffee. Just 2 cups now instead of however much I used to drink.

Also on Thursday I got the deal of the century! Well, maybe not the century, but a pretty good score nevertheless. Sam and I decided to stop by the PX and wonder around a bit and low and behold! There were all these shelves out front kinda off to the side. They looked worried and confused, if you can imagine that look on a bunch of wooden shelves. The PX (Post exchange for you non military souls) is being renovated so each time I go everything has been shoved around. Well, back to the shelves...I decided that my fabric sure would look pretty all folded and stacked up on them, so I marched Sam back to the manager's office and asked her if she would consider selling some of the shelves to me.

  • "Sure, how many do you want?"
  • "well 4 should be fine. How much for 4"
  • " hummmm how about $20"
  • "really? For all 4?"
  • "Yes."
  • " I pay you?"

How awesome is that? The only catch was I had to get them home myself. No worries! My new mini van is super awesome and can become a cargo van in a matter of moments.

I also finally finished the washing and folding and putting away of all the mildewy clothing and linens. SO in celebration of that special event here is a picture of our bedroom. Not too fancy and yes, we know the bed is very wee. But Stu is so rarely around to spend the night that a full size bed is fine with me. He should be around all this year with classes and all, but the next stationing will predict how often he is home. So if he is around frequently I would like to have one of these beds STICKS or A fancy French gilded bed like Katy's .

Here is a bigger shot of the bedroom. The two old quilts are the only ones we have in the house at the moment. Which is fine for now since it is not really cold at night, but I am going to need to crank up the quit production if our Australia shipment does not hurry up and get here. Everyone says it gets very cold here in the winter.

This is my little sewing tree house all set up with my new cheapo shelves.

Here they are again...just waiting for my fabric to arrive. As you can see they used to hold Lotions and creams, I was going to paint the shelves a rich French Blue, but changed my mind and decided to keep the natural wood. I can always paint them with my next move.
Ok, I need to go start my day!
Have a great rest of your weekend,


Lisa said...

WOW! That was a great deal! I would leave them how they are, too. Easier cleaning that way.

I already posted a comment on your Texas star quilt on Flickr, but I will say again that it is very pretty!

Francy said...

Great score on the shelves! I think your new kitties will enjoy them also as they are very tall.

It only gets to 30 or so below zero. Course as weird as our weather has been this year you might want a few extra quilts to keep you snuggly warm.

Francy said...

Great score on the shelves! I think your new kitties will enjoy them also as they are very tall.

It only gets to 30 or so below zero. Course as weird as our weather has been this year you might want a few extra quilts to keep you snuggly warm.

anna said...

Wow, what an awesome find for the shelves! I can imagine how lots of pretty fabric (and the things you make) will look on them.

John said...

I LOVE your shelves! Great find. Your sewing space is looking amazing. I also love the quilt you're working on ... especially the little peeks of red!

ThreadBeaur said...

Great sewing space. I love the quilt you are working on, looks great.

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

okay .. everytime I see people using real wood around fabric I want to scream "no ... Don't do it!!"
wood is so bad for cloth... turns it yellow and then brown ..kinda burns it with acid.
please put down paper or vinyl it happens quicker than you think..
seriously google it..

I have to admit I love those shelves and your things will look awesome!
PS you won my give awy!

carole ann said...

What a great find, the sewing room is coming together nicely. I love the quilt you are working on.

the Campfollower said...

Thanks so much everyone! And super thank you Rachel, I had no idea about wood coloring fabric. Yuck. Oh and thanks for choosing me too!


Elizabeth said...

What a deal on those shelves! I think I would have had to make multiple trips to buy them all at $20. I love how they have the names above them, a little retro cute. They match the rest of the room quite nicely.

We've a double sized bed here too. What can I say it fits better in the room.

Your flying geese are perfection and now you've made me feel the call of my sewing machine, so no more blogging! :( lol

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