Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hope Valley

I have been Hoping for a new Denyse Schmidt line to pet for some time and it looks like that time is right around the corner! O happy day. Her third line of quilting fabric is due out later this year (I will go out an a limb here and say it will probably be after Market in October) but it is named Hope Valley and you can see more of it over on the Freespirit Fabric site. She said she was inspired by homesteading, fresh starts, and pioneering. Sounds Just perfect for quilting in Kansas.

Where did I get this amazing information??? Well, I checked Kim's Blog True Up one last time before going to be last night and there it was. I dreamed of quilts and missing my flight connections. Odd combination I know.
I also broke down and ordered some Laura Gunn Fabric (Lantern Bloom ) this week and I will probably make a sewing machine cover with it. Quilted of course. But I may make another leather bag as well...who knows what will happen.

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