Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our Labor Day weekend So far

How is your Labor Day Weekend going so far? I sure hope well. Ours is pretty good. I have made some good progress on my sewing room. I am almost ready to start a bit of work in it! Yay! Not quite ready for bags but soon, very soon.

Here is Ellie doing her thing. I still need to finish the teacher quilts and send them back to Alice Springs. It won't take much time at all as soon as I get going on them (I just got my stuff Thursday, why am I making myself feel like I haven't been doing anything?)

I hung my lovely doll quilts. Well, I hung the one low one from Rhubarb Patch and my husband took over and did the rest. Very handy man I have. He also took all those boxes down to the basement later.

I was hoping the pretty basket would camouflage the ugly scrap bin a bit better, but oh will be a working studio, not a fancy one for just looking.
We also went to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival today. Oh it was great. What a fantastic venue. When my husband told me where it was I thought it was going to be in the middle of the speedway thing (Part of me thought that the race cars would be zipping around the outside and all the thespians would be in the grassy part in the middle pretending the cars weren't invented yet. Yeah, dumb I know.) but it was a ways behind the speedway and it was just a lovely venue. I have never been to a Renaissance Festival in the US. I have heard of them and I have been to a couple things similar in Europe, but this was my first go in the US. The people who dress up sure take it seriously, that is for sure. We had a great time and the kiddos had an utter blast!

This is Sam and the king. Seems like there were lots of Kings and Queens, but I guess this was the main dude. He was in charge of the joust at any rate.

Here are my fellas and Emma is browsing over on the side of the shot.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


Anonymous said...

Your sewing room is looking fantastic!! I am so jealous of all that natural lighting as my room is in the basement. I've never been to a renaissance fair either, but it looks like fun!

Rafael's Mum said...

Sounds like you had fun at the festival! Amazing costume the King has! (and I love those boots of the guy on the right!).

Wonderful sewing room.. so glad you nearly got it all sorted again! Isn't it wonderful?

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Your doll quilts look lovely all hung up - I bet you were glad to see all your stuff safely arrive! My niece used to do many period re-enactments and yes, the costumes are generally very detailed and accurate to the time period. Very fun to see! Cheers! Evelyn

maria said...

Hi, your sewing room looks great, I love the doll quilts on the wall.

carole ann said...

Your sewing room is coming together really well, showed my husband and he now does not think I have too much fabric.
I live in Pennsylvania and we have these festivals,never been but they sure do look like fun.

paulette said...

YOur sewing room is gorgeous and love your doll quilts!!

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