Thursday, September 3, 2009

Touch of the Flu

Good Morning All.

An Influenza virus is working it's way through our family at the moment so we are a pretty pitiful lot. But our immune system is growing more and more powerful each day, right? At least that is what I keep telling myself.

I am pretty sure we all caught it from Miss Emma. Thanks for that, darling. But despite feeling like poo I took all 3 kiddos to the dentist yesterday. It was the BEST DENTIST experience I have ever had. Now those that know me know what an odd statement that is coming from my mouth (it is similar to me declaring my intention to graft some dead mans foot to my forehead). I liken most dentists to terrorists trying to torture information out of me. I HATE going to the dentist for myself and I really really hate taking the kids to the dentist. Why? Well my children have very poor teeth (and I have had many many horrendous experiences under the care of teeth repair, one even involved an Honduran gate guard at Soto Cano trying his hand at filling cavities. Needless to say it went very poorly and it is a story for another day). And because of the poor teeth all the hygienists and dentists feel the need to accuse me of neglect, and not feeding my children a balanced diet and giving them too much soda, and candy. My jaw always drops open and I try to defend myself as to how horribly untrue that is and I attempt to give them the miserable medical history all my children have had....but I am normally shut down with this one simple statement "I see the results of your neglect and poor diet in their mouths, Ms Curtis" OHHHHH how that slices deep into my viscera. I never buy candy and I am so anti-juice I refuse to entertain it unless we are at deaths door and are desperate for Vitamin C (then only pure OJ) don't even get me started on sodas...I used to flush PEG tube (feeding tubes in the hospital) blockages with the stuff when they would get clogged up.

I did not sleep a bit the night before the appointment as I was gearing up for my acceptance speech for being the "Most Crappy Mother on the Planet" Award. But it was all for naught! No my children still have a plethora of cavities and will need vast and expensive treatments, but DR Kittle (30 years of Army service) was the most informed dentist I have encountered. His wife is a quilter and a nurse, woman after my own heart. The office has massage chairs and all his hygienists and receptionists are the sweetest bunch of ladies (one had Sam by the hand taking him on a tour of the office and tools to acclimate him to the environment. Another was helping Emma try on all the dress up rings and necklaces from the treasure chest. Ethan was lying back with sunglasses on watching a movie on the ceiling.)

But he gave me evidence that I was NOT a horrible Mother! Their poor teeth is the result of fevers and ear infections and lots of antibiotics as young infants. Wow...who knew? Besides sure sounds nice coming from someone else. And his approach to the treatment plan was so professional and straight foreword that I happily sat down and scheduled all their appointments for the next year, as well as my own!

So now that that load is off my chest I am slowly working away on this quilt. It is going to take forever. But here is some GREAT news!!!!! Our Australia shipment is coming tomorrow! My table is all cleared off waiting for my lovely Berninas and the shelves are dusted and ready to encase my lovely horde of fabric. Oh happy happy day!

Have a wonderful day!


Breezy Bree said...

I hope you feel better soon and well done for even going to the dentist, some people just dont even go.

Sarah said...

i was never fond of dentists either until i found my current dentist. i think i'm in love with my hygentist. and i found a dentist for my children that sounds just like your dentist. perfect! hope y'all feel better sonn!

Kristin L said...

Fantastic to have found a great dentist! We try our new one next week -- I hope my experience is as good as yours (though we have pretty good teeth).

Happy unpacking! I hope it all goes well. :-)

jmbmommy said...

I am so glad that you found a good dentist... nothing like DR trauma to make your mad mommy flag fly. I didn't realize your geese were the curvy ones. They look divine! Great color, great quilting!

Anonymous said...

Linda Kittle is a great quilter. Some of her work is published.

bettyninja said...

I can;t believe those other dentists were that rough to you! It sounds crazy. Good to hear that you've found a better one. Love that quilt you working on in the last pic.

Magpie Sue said...

I wish I could find a dentist like yours! My poor adult children don't have a clue about regular dental check ups. Fortunately they have stronger teeth than me. Still, that guilt is a heavy load to bear. Even now I know I need dental work done but won't go in. Too traumatic, even under sedation.

On a happier note, congratulations on getting all your STUFF! Guess you'll be laboring this Labor Day weekend ;- ) I hope at least some of the work will be fun!

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