Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hey there!

I have had a busy week. Wow. Has yours zoomed by as quickly as mine? I thought moving here to Leavenworth was going to put the brakes a bit on my social whirl, but nope. I am as busy as ever. Oh well, there is no moss growing on me! I am having trouble uploading pictures to this blog like I normally do, so I tried something different below. I don't think I like it, but at least you have some pictures to look at.

Above is my mate and me on Friday going to the Marine Birthday Ball. Happy Birthday Marines! What a party those guys can throw. We danced the night away and then came home. OK....I think the Marines have the greatest uniforms in the US Arsenal. I have always thought so, but now you know what I think. I went to High School in Honduras and the marines at the embassy were always so nice to look at. My dad even rounded my favorite one up to take me to the Junior Senior. Now he thought my name was Mia all night, and I was too awestruck to correct him. Also, the Marine uniforms are so well made! Did you know their dress uniforms feel like felted wool? I kinda wanted to ask my dinner partner to take his jacket off so I could see what it was made of. But I didn't. I did ask him but he looked at me like I was speaking Swahili. So, if any of you have a Marine dress uniform (the "fat man suit" that has all the pretty gold buttons that don't actually close the jacket and wide red cumber bun) in the closet can you take a peek and let me know what it is made of. Is it really felted wool?

I am only going to leave this entry up for a little while since I get strange emails when I put our pictures up.

Have a great day!



Kristin L said...

You guys are looking pretty sharp! There's just something about a uniform though -- my man looks pretty good in his Army Dress Blues (I'm not so much for the green Class As though).

carole ann said...

What a stunning couple you are.
Oh yes the kittens are adorable.

Breezy Bree said...

There is something about a man in a uniform... ;) Karen

jan said...

You look just great both of you, glad you had a good time also.
What a shame there is always someone to spoil others fun isn't there. I do hope you will be able to leave your piccie up.
Jan across pond

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