Friday, November 20, 2009

Ode to the Glue Gun....

Hey there folks.

OK, I have had about 10 minutes behind the sewing machine this week and I was so hoping for more. But we have been insanely busy with life so I guess that is how it goes.

Last night while Stu was at class we were busy finishing Emma's big project for this term. She had to make a realistic Pioneer dwelling. We had been gathering little sticks on our walks and drying them out in the bathroom. I went to Walmart (what the heck is wrong with the lighting in that place? I swear my brain begins to throb as soon as we enter the front doors.) yesterday after the dentist. I am going to go ahead and say right now that I do not like Walmart. I do not think that I ever have, but sometimes you have venture into it's cavernous horribly lit depths to find some obscure thing that can be found no where else. What was I after yesterday? A glue gun and some clay.

Anyway we worked for about 4 hours on her little house last night. When all was said and done it had curtains, tiny table and a chair, a little bed, some people and a bunch of animals. It was a fine little dwelling made of log and clay with a removable roof so the people could be moved around and everyone could admire the handmade furniture.

I got the kiddos up early this morning because I wanted to drive Emma to school to make sure she arrived safely with her lovely little project. Oh she was so proud sitting back there with her magnum opus on her lap. We turned into the school and the house fell off her lap and fell into about 40 pieces. I helped her stack up all the logs and critters and I will be returning to school with my glue gun to repair the damage. I can re-wet the clay and save some that way, but poor Emma. I told her to tell her teacher a tornado came through and the pioneers have to rebuild.

Yesterday before the trip to Walmart I got to wait for about 3 hours at the dentist office. They were running late and Ethan had a ton of work to be done in his poor mouth. I grabbed my little bag of hand stitching (at the last minute before leaving the house tossed in my baggie of glass bugle beads and a beading needle) I and worked away on this. I think it is more soothing to be able to work on something tiny like this than trying to read. I guess it is because I know there is so much at home for me to work on that I am stressing out about it, so it channels my stress better than reading a book. Now the finished product is not really useful, but it makes my eyes happy to look at it.

This is the middle man after his dentist appointment. Another tooth pulled and a crown, root canal and 2 fillings. This should be the last of the massive dental work for a while. Thank goodness.

And finally here is Ellie and her babies. She is lonely down the hall, so she hustles her babies out to the living room as soon as someone leaves her door open. They have their first shots next week, then to find good homes for them.
Be well everyone!

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omashee aka Barb said...

Oh how I wished we lived closer. I'd love to have one of Ellie's babies!

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