Saturday, January 9, 2010

I am beginning to think I may live in a snow globe.

It sure is cold these days...I guess Al Gore got global warming all sorted out. Or maybe it was President Obama going to Stockholm. But seriously it is really chilly here. It seems to be cold everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere so I suppose I am not alone with my thin blood.

This is kinda a crazy cat lady posting...just so you know up front. I have a big fluffy black cat. He is my shadow. He follows me around....he does not really want to be picked up and loved like his sister, he just wants to be there, close by, keeping an eye on me. I have gotten used to it, so used to it in fact that I forget to look for him and make sure he has followed me back inside.

Night before last I went outside to try to take pictures of the lovely snow, but the results were terrible. Ike followed me out. Stu thought some crazy person left the door open so he closed it. Ike sprinted up the stairs and began Yowling for it to be opened back up.

He sat there waiting for me to come back up the stairs...what a gentleman cat?

Then he was showing so much interest in the snow that I took him out on the fire escape (my backyard) and deposited him in the snow. He really was not too wild about it, and quickly followed me back inside the kitchen. So there you go...some cat stories.

Guess what is getting ready to happen here? It would have happened already, but the weather stinks and I don't want to drive to Kansas City. Bummer. Stu wants to be involved too, so I guess weather permitting we will all head down tomorrow. I will, of course, keep you posted.

Some more snowy shots...with the wind chill it has warmed up to 20-

Keep warm!


Lori in South Dakota said...

Cold here too! Took Ruby the quilting dog out the WUSS actually limped when she came back in. Her TOES were cold. She's playing me, she was an outside dog for 6 years!

LauraJ said...

I really like your kitty stories. Probably because your kitties are so beautiful!! I'm anxious to know where you're going with your Bernina?! Have a safe trip!!

the Campfollower said...

Poor Ruby! She needs her food warmed up tonight I think! I remember living in Germany, our little wire haired dashund would have to wear little boots when she went out for her walk because her feet would stick to the icy sidewalks and bleed. But is was super freezing there.

It is odd in the house with all the kittens gone and just the 2 cats. But my husband and I sit and talk about the cats almost as much as the kiddos. They are family members, crazy things. Oh and my Lovely Bernina went to be traded in on a Bernina 820! Woohoo!!!!!!!

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