Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kansas Day

Kansas day was such a great success. I think I had as much fun as the kiddos did. The tiny quilts were a hit and I think about 120 little children quilted their own little covered wagons. I really had a great time with the ladies who were assigned to my table to help with the stitching.

Here is Ethan with his loot from Kansas Day. That is a candle in his hot little hand, he made it himself. He also has wool from a "real" sheep, a rope he made, information about honeybees, slivers of soap. He watched little girls make corn husk dolls, and yarn dolls. Ladies were knitting and making lace. Men had all sorts of old farm equipment and guns (this is an army base after all)...what else? Very dear ladies were having a little quilting bee behind our table their tiny stitches were amazing. Someone was showing how to make brooms and pound leather and churn butter...oh it was all happening! Oh and all around the School were fantastic quilts! It was like a quilt show. 4 of mine are gracing the railing or they were until someone decided to use 3 of my quilts to decorate her paintings. I am not sure if I should be flattered.
DO all states have little birthday days like this? I sure don't remember an Arizona, New Mexico, or North Carolina Day when I was young. Maybe I just missed them with all my moving around.
One more thing before I go try to tidy up my nasty dwelling...HEATHER ROSS is going to have another fabric collection with Kokka! Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and the cat and owl....AND she is hinting at something happening with her older all but impossible to find fabric collections! You know how much I dig Heather and her fabric. I have a fair assortment of it. And I can't wait until the Spring!!!!!! That isn't too far away is it?
Have a great weekend!

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Angela Walters said...

What a cool thing to do for all the kids. Glad that your hard work paid off!

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