Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hey there

So, I have taken the last couple days to work on a Birthday present for my middle son. He is dear and wonderful and as easy going as they come (most of the time). I started this quilt back in Australia during the Bush Fire Quilt Project last year about this same time of year. I was going to make if for Ethan's birthday then, but this and that happened and it just didn't get finished. As a matter of fact it was just a bunch of star blocks large and small. So, this year his birthday has once again crept up on me. I found these blocks while I was sorting my scraps last week and decided to put the quilt together for Ethan. It is mostly quilted now and I just love it. Ethan has already seen it (hard to keep secrets in this sewing room) and let me know that he wanted this one. Good thing!

I have a ton of irons in the fire at the moment....most of them are sewing related.
*I finished and shipped off several bags yesterday
*I sent off my DQS8

That is about it for the finished list. My to do is much longer....
  • 2 top secret projects
  • bags bags bags
  • pillow swap
  • make a red cross quilt block tutorial.

The bags I will be working on this weekend and early next week (hopefully I will have them all ready to mail out by Wednesday) are
  • C. Fox
  • L. Abel
  • C. Edmonson
  • and 2 wallets for Emily

We know where we are going after here. Texas. I want to say I am excited...but it is an Air Force base in Texas, so I am mixed. I guess I am concerned about where we will live, where the kiddos will go to school and where will I sew? I have plenty of other concerns, but they are not too pressing like I need to have my eye brows waxed. I have very blond brows but they are getting a tad too full for my liking. Maybe I can tend to that tomorrow.

Well, have a great evening....I may go do the quilt block tutorial now.....What do you think? The most non-essential thing first?




LJ said...

It just dawned on me that it's a good thing you sew and quilt, it's one of the many constants you have in your life with all the frequent moves. Big hugs that you get that all figured out in due time! I look forward to that cross tutorial.

Luv 2 Kreate said...

I can see you have another thing marked off your list...I saw that tutorial a few minutes ago. It looks great and I can't wait to try it.

I live in Texas (born and raised) we just moved 10 hours away from home though. We are now in the Houston area. Texas is a great place to live. I hope you enjoy your new home :)

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

But what AFB in Texas??

Inquiring minds must know. If it's in San Antonio, I have answers for you. That's where my parents are and where I graduated from high school. Email me!

AllieKatMom said...

We are in Houston and have family in San Antonio. That is a very nice and very big base. I think you will like it if that is your duty station...I know there are a few AF bases in Tx that are not as great!! Good luck with your move!

the Campfollower said...

Sorry about making our next assignment mysterious. We are going to Goodfellow Air Force Base out in San Angleo, Texas. I don't know much about it...we are going to learn though. I am not sure about the housing situation, but I am pretty sure the schools are all off base.

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