Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break

Happy Spring Break everyone!

So believe it or not it is Spring Break here in Kansas (or I should said Nebraska). Yep...Spring. Wow. When did that happen? Has anyone seen February? Where did it go? I know people complain all the time about time zipping by, but damn. It really is here at our house. All my kiddos are getting so big and smart, my year in Kansas is almost over, I am still working on bag orders I took way back in November...Yeah...time is flying.

So to celebrate the speed of time Stu and I took the kiddos to the Omaha Zoo this morning. I love getting up early and going for a road trip. I love watching the change in the landscape with a cup of coffee while my husband drives. The farm land out here in the bread basket of America is lovely, but this morning it was pretty over caste and somewhat dismal. But I know it is just the weather, when we make the trip again when it is warmer will reveal a totally different landscape.

My job while we are driving is to chatter. We can call it my superpower. I can talk about anything at almost any moment to almost any human on the planet (I am pretty good at charades so language barrier does not slow me down much). Let me tell you what I chattered about early this morning. Jennifer, you already know since I almost wet my pants looking at the items online with you the other night (so you totally know what I am talking about) Have any of you seen Regretsy? I just discovered this site and I think it is the most hilarious thing ever. I spent almost an hour blabbing on about all the odd things you can find on sure are some strange things out there.

We also stopped and had some early breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I love that place. I used to really crave Uncle Hershel's Breakfast when we lived in the middle of Australia, and now I can have it almost whenever I want.

We had a great time at the zoo. Lots of wonderful exhibits, but lots of critters on winter vacation. we will have to try again when it warms up a bit. I would have taken lots of pictures, but my batteries all died so my camera is out of commission. Bummer.

Here is Emma and Ellie....I guess that is good wildlife. Very easy pets, cats. The kids are a bit more of a challenge.

Here is the row I finished for Kim in our Row 10 challenge. This is my month and the ladies are making me red and white crosses. It will be a great quilt.
I need to take pictures of C. Fox's bags and mail them out when we get back to Leavenworth tomorrow. We are in Omaha tonight since we went to a really neat brewery downtown and since I had the little sampler thing and Stu had some beers, we got to sleep over ( not at the bar, at a hotel) .
OK, I am off to bed. Have a great Spring Break!


Vicki said...

Happy spring break! We went to the zoo in Omaha last year for spring break. Your row looks great!

Hillary said...

Spring break is the best! Hopefully it'll warm up over here when we get ours next week. It's been cold at Campbell! Enjoy the rest of your break with your kiddos! :)

Kristin L said...

Ack! i love all those gnomes and mushrooms -- especially teh gnomes under the big shroom! Too, too cute.

Have a great trip, and enjoy your mache and cheese. :-)

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