Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bags were made!

What a fantastic sewing Thursday we had! 5 lovely friends came over and made tote bags. I thought it would be a mix of both the charm pack market bag and the army bag, but in the end everyone selected the Army bag. I had fun sharing some of the secrets I have learned over the years and everyone left with a great little bag.

I had the plague or TB or something (I am still slowly recovering from it) so after everyone went home I was sitting in my sewing room with the desire to make something, but absolutely NO energy to even turn on the sewing machine. I went and flopped on the sofa, then woke up at dinner time. While I was asleep I dreamed about some of my Heather Ross Gnomes fabric missing. I know it is stupid to dream of your fabric stash, but sometimes I do. My dream bothered me the rest of the night and Friday morning when both Sam and I had raging fevers I folded and sorted my Heather Ross fabric. After everything was neatly sorted and color arranged, Sam and I curled up on the sofa and once again slept until dinner. Crazy, huh? I am a terrible patient (most nurses are and since I am a mom as well, I just don't have the time to be ill) but since Sam was sick too...I got some rest. I am not quite 100% yet, but I do kinda dig my deep husky voice, it is so much better then my normal annoying one. Have you noticed how short my list is over there on the sidebar? I am just making some of the little details on Kristy's order and Brittany's bag just needs to have the 550 cord braided and made into a messenger I am almost finito! Yay! Makes me feel like I have really accomplished something.

Oh one more thing before we go look at pictures...I have great news! You know we are getting ready to PCS (Permanent Change of Station or move for you non military) and I have been freaking out a bit about where we are going to live when we get to San Angelo, Texas....but we have been assigned some on post quarters and life is good. Talk about a weight being lifted from our shoulders. It will be a bit smaller, but it has a garage and yard, so I guess that makes it bigger. I have been looking at the floor plans trying to figure out where I will set up my little operation when I get to Texas. Oh I am excited to move again now! Nothing like having a nest to set up.

Here is my rainbow of Heather Ross fabric. So pretty...

Alice and Jen with their Army bags. The quilting just doesn't show up well on the ACU, but both bags are quilted.

Here is Deb with her desert bag. If you look close the quilting on this one shows up better. She quilted hers with all over pebbles and it is just fabtastic!

Here the ladies are working away. Melissa was here too, but she had to bug out early.

And here I Jess with her lovely bag. Pink, green and just can't go wrong with that combination.
I just hope I will have some new friends to sew with in Texas. Ahh....the adventure ahead!
Have a great rest of your weekend.

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kathi said...

That's so funny about your dream. I once had a dream that all of my Polish pottery was stolen. That's when I realized that I was obsessed. Love the bags.

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