Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wool and Cotton

Good Morning!

I hope you all are doing well this fine sunny morning. We are. Our truck has been located, it is still in Kansas City (or it was the other day) it should be here sometime this weekend. Thank you so much for your support of my moving madness. It is so very good to know I am not alone, and the crazy passes quickly. While we have been waiting we have been making this yellow house ours (minus chooks). Since I can't hang plants from the house, my husband made me a hitching post. I filled my flower baskets with seedy mint. Hopefully it will revive it a bit. I love mint, and it is one herb that is almost impossible to kill. Our little garden in the back is doing well too. Happy day!

Yesterday Emma and I went out exploring for fabric shops. The one we found was Wool and Cotton. If you can judge a town by their fabric shops, San Angelo is possibly the friendliest and most well supplied town in the world. Judith Lester is the one woman show behind her shop. As soon as we entered she introduced us to everyone in the shop and gave us a tour and a glass of Iced Tea. By the time we left both Emma and I were signed up for knitting classes, and I bought some fine little treasures. Judith has heaps of hand dyed wool and cotton and felt. Really such a great collection. And a pretty good range of fabric. I couldn't do too much looking at the fabric since I don't have any of my cutting supplies here with me....just hand sewing stuff. So I bought a fabulous skein of hand dyed turquoise cotton and a little crochet hook. Emma selected a much more affordable skein of cotton (I assure you it was not her first choice, she first wanted a super soft chenille but chenille is so hard to crochet, so that can be her second project for next time we go to the shop) and I am going to teach her to crochet some little wash clothes. Jennifer Dembowsi was making some before she left for Fort Bragg and I have had them on my to-do list ever since. Well, I sure have the time right now!

So, have a great day and create something wonderful!
Tia Curtis


Breezy Bree said...

Hey we are reading the same book :) Hope your belongings arrive this weekend..Karen

Cherie said...

Oh how I remember moving to a new base (Air Force)....once our then 5 year old came down with Chicken pox on the day we departed. She kept crying and saying she wanted to go home. We spent two weeks in TLQ and her brother soon caught the pox too. You can certainly be forgiven for your slide into temporary craziness! Btw, I'm readying The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo now too....I'm sure enjoying it.

Happy home settling-in :)

the Campfollower said...

Thanks ladies! It is a really good book. I don't have a bed (air mattress) lamp so I read during the day instead of late into the night like I normally do.

Rafael's Mum said...

Hope your truck turns up this weekend and you get settled properly. I have read the book too and the next two as well. They are all great! But be warned. The first one is quite rounded off as a story, the second one starts with the same characters and embarks on a new story, but at the end of the second one, it doesn't end... in fact, the second one and third one together are in fact one big book cut in two bits... I finished the second one and had to wait a whole month for the third one to come out!! If you like tattoo girl, you will love them all. make sure you have 2 AND 3!!

Anonymous said...

I got to visit San Angelo a few years ago, and I loved it. If it weren't for one unsavory person i know living there, I'd try and talk the hubby into moving there. Make sure you check out the visitor center, and then drive around to get a view of it from the other side. Also there's a little strip of shops somewhere around there that has just amazing little shops to go browse through. I had a blast there, and would show you my picts, but that same person wouldn't return my camera. i hope you enjoy your time there :) And look on the bright don't have to worry about unpacking right now LOL

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