Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet Baby Quilt

I went to my neighbor's baby shower on Sunday. I am making her a bag from her Marine Husband's uniform....but there was no way on Earth it was going to be finished by the I made her a quilt. I don't really know what that says about my crafting or sewing skills that I can rock out an entire baby quilt in about 4 hour, but it takes me an eon to make a bag. Now I do put a ton more detail into the bags and there is a bunch of communication that has to happen back and forth before they are all finished and ready to go, but there you go.

You can see the tad bit of Marine Uniform up in the binding. I love the soft floral of this quilt and I paired them with a lovely dove grey.

I allover simple meandered the quilt, but unfortunately I did not leave myself time to wash and dry the quilt. I hate letting them leave my house without being just feels unfinished. I think that if they are washed then they will be used more....they will be burped on and peed on and all that stuff.

Here is the best shot I made of the whole quilt and I still cut off half of the first row. I think I followed what I remember of a pattern by Tula Pink, My crafty BFF in Ft Leavenworth made a great big one for her daughter's teacher with a Jelly roll and it looked so awesome I had to make one too.
I am getting my Shoo Fly block tutorial together for tomorrow! My mom finished her log cabin blocks in about 2 hours, so on to the next block. I don't think I have made her a fan of the log cabin. She thought all the fabric was a big waste, but I reminded her that we are going to use the same fabric in all our blocks, so don't put it away if you are quilting along with us!

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Tif said...

it means you are a superstar to get a quilt done in 4 hours!!!! so pretty!!!! love the violets, the acu top is a fabulous match with violet! (who knew?)

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