Friday, September 24, 2010

Slaymaker Order Ready to go

I have been working away on this order for the past 3 days. It feels like I should have had it complete more quickly, but so many things kept happening. Not bad things...just things. I should say life kept stepping in. Which is is life afterall. No stopping it, and if you could why would you want to?
She wanted the backpack to have a Texas flag on it. I made this one since I don't have Texas flags lying around. I did go looking for one, but was unsuccessful.

This is her bag turned inside out. Most of my bags are reversible and just as wonderful on the inside as they are on the outside.
Cathy Bag. I used her husbands' DCU pants to make this order.
Here is the entire order. It was very very windy, so excuse the oddness of the picture
Such a happy inside to a bag. I love Tula Pink's Plume print. The diving birds are so pretty.

Speaking of Tula Pink....Have you heard about someone knocking off her fabric and it being sold at WalMart? Oh I would be so mad. I am sure Moda has a great bunch of lawyers on hand for just such happenings.
This is intended to be a diaper changing pad. But it will make a very pretty wall hanging. I stitched 4 words onto the DCU bits. Can you read them? Well if you can't they are "Life, Liberty, Freedom and Happiness"

This is the back of the backpack.

So, as you see I am back to the bags. Tomorrow I will be working on the Dumont Hero Bag order. That will probably take me the rest of the weekend since there are 3 bags to that order.

Have a great day!

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