Monday, October 18, 2010

Curved piecing

 Happy Monday morning!

Was it as hard for you to get up this morning as it was for me? Wow...Oh well. Another week of sewing ahead for me. What do you have planned? I really like to have something small to work on by hand. While we are driving around or sitting outside watching the kids play, it is nice to have a little bit of stitching. I have just about finished the tiny piece above. I think it is about 12 inches square. I can't wait to do the finishing , it is a new (to me) technique by Jean Wells called "facing".

It is fun to make curved seams....I wonder how they will look in some of my bags? Maybe I can try that on some of them. Speaking of bags....I have sent out a couple emails with questions and I haven't heard back...I have to assume my email went to SPAM. Boo hoo....I am kinda stuck on a couple, so please please check your spam if one of them may be you.

I was pretty excited about trying the Mod Mood Quilt along Sherri Lynn Wood is having over on her blog Daintytime. I really like working with solids (I do have 2 prints in mine) but I was kinda annoyed as I worked that I noticed that it was all pastels. I didn't think I liked pastels. I am going to anger it up a bit. She has fabric laid out and how it reflects your mood. I am a pretty cheery gal, so I thought I selected happy colors (I guess happy is annoyingly pastel), but the sad depressed angry women get the better colors. Who knew? I may just add some big curves of the sacking cloth I rediscovered this week in my sewing room. Who knows what will happen?

OK, Have a great Monday! I am just about finished with Stacie's Molly, and I have questions about Amanda's order. Michelle's and Sabrina's are next!



Hoola Tallulah said...

Wow, you are SO incredibly skilled and talented at sewing, I am super envious! Great to see you're still creating such beautiful stuffs <3

Kristin L said...

Ha! I have a similar problem in that I am basically happy, but I prefer moody colors. (Or maybe I really am subconsciously moody, and just making it with happy) Anyway, I've decided that red isn't always anger, it could just as well be passion -- and THAT goes with happy!

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