Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

 Happy Halloween Folks! I sure hope yours was a nice and uneventful as ours was. We have a good bit of chocolate leftover, so I have already tried to hide it from myself. While there were teaming masses of children going house to house, we only gave out one piece per kiddo (there is a recession on after all). Emma sorted the candy into chocolate and non-chocolate. And thank goodness for that! I detest candy, but I am quite fond of chocolate. may notice that Emma Bear is one tall drink of water....right? Well, look closer and you will notice she is wearing a pair of my heels. I didn't notice until we were already onto house number 5 on our hunt for candy. She now sees why I hate those shoes as much as I do. Ahhhh the sacrifice we must make to look lovely. You really can't tell much about the fellas except that they are wearing ugly skull masks. Next year they are going to be pirates whether they like it or not!
I made our hats. I bet you can tell, huh? Well, I was quite proud of myself and Stu's hat. At the very last possible second he decided he wanted to dress up too. And he wanted to be a minstrel from the dark ages...with a leather skull cap. Well.....I have lots of leather. Why not make a skull cap? It didn't fit really great so I added some lacing (that was a pain in the behind, let me tell you. I won't do it again without a leather punch). Ike, the cat looks pretty great in his black fluff. Mom, do you recognize our capes? Yep, they are both from you! Stu is wearing your leather lederhosen too.

OK, Tomorrow, no more Halloween sewing. All that junk is out of my sewing room! Thank heaven. I am back to making bags. I also have the tutorial ready for the next step in the quilt-a-long.

Have a great evening!


AllieKatMom said...

Halloween sewing is fun for like..hmm. maybe a week. lol

the Campfollower said...

Oh yeah! I am pretty over it....We had a good time though.

Kristin L said...

YOu are obviously a GOOD witch. :-)

Hoola Tallulah said...

Loving the costumes and pumpkins!

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