Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tomorrow I return to the bags....all refreshed. But for now lets look at fabric!

 Hey there folks! How are you doing today? I am super good. I learned everything possible to know about my new little Featherweight Singer Sewing machine. I can now service it myself. How awesome is that? "Lady Caroline" in a fine machine and now humms along more quietly than my Bernina 820. Who Knew? Well, apparently lots of folks knew that. But I know it now too.

So, Now that my machine is happily stitching away, I wanted to talk fabric with you. I was a very very good girl last year in the fabric buying department. See, all my money had to go to paying off my Big beautiful Bernina, so I couldn't buy fabric with the wild abandon that I did while I lived in Australia and had an APO. Not that I need an APO here in Texas. Anyway, last month a bunch of new fabric lines were released so I bought some lovely new fabric. It is all gorgeous. I am in the process of uploading it to my Fabric Flickr so it will be available for you to select for your bags.

I didn't buy very much of Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush. For some reason I just didn't like it. I adore AMH, and most of the bags I make for myself have her fabric in them. She is brilliant, but this line just didn't want to come home with me. I did like the purples and reds, so I bought a couple of them. The 4th one is a velveteen. Very swanky.

This collection I am mad for. I love it because it is tiny and so very modern, but so very basic. It is different types of paper! I love it. I wish I could have entire bolts of it.

This is Greenfield Hill by Denyse Schmidt. At the moment I don't really like it. But Denyse Schmidt's fabric is like a nice wine to me. It is much better after it has been opened and exposed to the air some. So I bought it, it will sit on my shelf for a while until I decide to use it. I know I will love it in a couple months (no I don't leave my wine open for months, cat hair would get in it. Gross).

This is Amy Butler's new collection, Soul Blossom. It is vivid and so pretty. I can only see bags with this fabric. In my humble opinion the scale is just too massive to use in quilts., with that said I have already cut into it and used it in a little quilt, so I guess I am a big liar. Don't listen to me, I don't know what I am talking about.
 But I do know that this is very pretty fabric.

I have some quilt finishes to show you if yo like. This is a great quilt (a Curtis household favorite at the moment, my little guy stuffed it in his backpack to have for nap time. What mother's heart wouldn't melt when she saw that? He got it off my bed.) After I washed it the double gauze feel like a favorite Tshirt...impossibly soft and wonderful. If I was made of money the only solid I would use would be Nani Iro double gauze. If you have some on your shelf but were afraid to use it, don't be! It is amazing. The little 4 squares are hand dyes from Cherrywood fabric. I think I bought a roll of their fabric and cut it into squares. There is also linen and flour sacking. I really like how I quilted it. I think this is my most simple quilting I have ever conducted on my quilts. I wanted it to be more masculine, so for the boarder I decided to try a loose interpretation of a Celtic knot.

I made this little quilt for my friend, Sharon. I got to cut into my new fabric (I bet if you look closely you will be able to tell where I used some of those really big Soul Blossom prints).

This quilt top is all finished. It is stacked and ready to quilt, but it will have to wait a bit since I don't know how I am going to quilt it. That is good because I can now return to my bags. I don't have very many left and after I am finished I need to decide if I really want to keep making the bags or just write some patterns and let you guys make them for yourselves. I am at a crossroads. I do like making the bags, but there is a great deal more to me than the bags. I will sleep on it some.



Lisa said...

Holy Eye Candy Batman! I love all your new fabrics- that Soul Blossoms is soooo pretty. My fave line of hers hands down.

I can't put words to how much I love your hexagon quilt. Just beautiful.

AllieKatMom said...

Wow, you must sew all day long! I need to hop off the computer and get to sewing too! I cant seem to do it. Plus my LO is at home and takes up much of my time so the few hours she is at pre-k I sit and relax when I should be sewing instead. When do you get so much time to sew?

Rafael's Mum said...

Ooooooh... you enabler you!!! I want some...sigh... Loooovely fabrics!!!

the Campfollower said...

Thanks so much ladies! Nothing to perk a gal up like new beautiful fabric! I wish I would have been more patient when I was out photographing my hexagon quilt, the colors up in the blog post are not accurate. It is so very pretty. One of my magnum opus for sure.

I do get a ton done sewing wise....but the sink is full of dishes and Mt laundry is about to have a volcano on my sofa and dinners aren't as clever as they could be. It is all about priorities, huh? I think my husband prefers the non productive sewing weeks to the weeks I am a stitching slave.

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