Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to my little fellows

 My boys have birthdays on the 5th and 8th of March. Because of this I have their birthday parties together. I am a pretty low key birthday thrower. This year the boys got bigger bikes and an Adventure party. What is an adventure party you may ask? Well, we made a treasure map and hid a treasure box out in the desert behind our house.
 But first we had hot dogs and cupcakes. I am not really quite that chubby, the ACU just does not transform into a flattering apron. The boys love my fresh strawberry icing, so that is why the cupcakes are pink (just in case you are wondering, Dad).
 Here is Sam, he will be 6 on the 8th.
 My Ethan is 8. Hard to believe. But it is so.
 Treasure map revealed and studied
 And studied a bit closer....
 And then we were off! There were little boys all over the place searching for treasure.

 The chest was located quite quickly. It was filled with Hershey's kisses. Love is the best treasure afterall, right?

I was quite pleased with the actual map. It is obviously made with paper bags. But I did't want the big grocery market emblam on the back of the map, so I layered 2 opened bags on top of one another and quilted them together. The my husband drew the map. He is a great map artist. I was quite pleased with how the party came together and after all the little fellows returned to their prospective homes I worked a bit on this quilt.

I added half of the final boarder to it. I tell you that each time I unfold this quilt I love it more and more. Now, I am running into the issue of wondering how on Earth I will quilt it....but I will think about that another day.

Be sure to join me Monday the 7th of March for my block in the Blogger Block-a-Palooza !

Have a great rest of your weekend! I am going to clean up my house again.


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Kristin L said...

You and I are in a similar medallion quilt frame of mind!! Happy birthday to your guys too.

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