Monday, March 28, 2011

Quilted T-Shirt Bags

 Good Morning! I hope you are all doing well. We are doing pretty well here in the recovery house. Modern medicine continues to impress me. I must admit that I am happy to have my husband home and in charge of his care all by myself. I know nurses make horrible patients, but I think we make pretty horrible spouses of patients too. As a nurse, myself, I have VERY high expectations and as such no one could do anything right (aside from the OR staff and the Neurosurgeon and his assistant. They were awesome.) I totally converted into a lunatic, but in all honesty the hospital was really dirty (poop leftover from another patient all over the bedside commode, blood spatter all over the hospital room blinds.) The nursing staff was more wrapped up in their new bedside computers than actual patient care. Which totally annoys me. Oh and no one would introduce themselves. Who are you and what is your job....that should be immediately recognizable when a staff person enters a patient room. But oh well, he is home all nice and safe and I know my job in and out.;o) It is kinda nice to do again what I trained for years to do. But it is also VERY nice to have my sewing mojo back.

I am asked all the time if I also sew civilian bags. Of course I do. Take these fabulous bags for example. One of my clients sent me her husband's favorite T-Shirts back in September or October and wanted a special bag made for him to use while he rides his bike to and from work. I can do that. In fact I had enough fabric to make a smaller hipster bag for her as well.

 The bag has a nice wide, strong leather strap with soft leather sides. I lined the bags with some of my favorite Denyse Schmidt fabric. Instead of using cotton batting between the layers of fabric I used flannel. It makes the bag nice and strong, but less bulky than the batting would have been.

 I thought this quilting was more Masculine than the normal swirls I do.
 She also sent this really funny coffee bag label to be added somewhere. I put it on the side of the bag.

 Inside is a large pocket for whatnot and a pen pocket.

 This is the little hipster I made for her. It has the more feminine swirly quilting. and an interior pocket as well.

 I picked out a special bead for the zipper pull. It is made with Australian flora.

 I also made myself a quick tote bag for my stay at the hospital. I really like this bag. It is big and holds tons of stuff.
This last bag I made for my Aunt who found my little Singer Featherweight for me. I hope it has many fine hours of antiquing and serves as a good sized shopping bag.

See, I have gotten heaps of sewing finished already! I have a bunch of my Camp Follower Bags cut and ready to sew up too! I am so happy to be back in my sewing groove.



Jacque said...

I just love that coffee. It is one of there best blends. And we love the Moose's Tooth, Best pizza ever!!!! Love your bags!!!:O)

Tif / Halu-Halo said...

love those tshirt bags! i'm so glad that your man is under your care now. speedy healing to him! how disappointing re: the hospital. you should fill out a comment form!

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