Thursday, April 14, 2011

Distelhorst Stu tote

 I finished this order last week and I don't think I have showed it off. It should be at it's new home and as it was a surprise for the lady I doubt she reads my blog so I can talk about it right? Her husband wrote me from Iraq and wanted to surprise his wife with a bag. I have not been taking many orders at all lately because my world is too busy, but I couldn't say no to him. He said she liked the color purple and flowers.

 Pen pocket on the side

 The quilting is done with a variegated purple cotton thread so it has a nice glow.

 I was quite please with the inside pockets. He wanted a heart with a little saying inside it. Well, I just learned how to free piece hearts, so I pieced the heart and made it into a pocket.

This bag is pretty inside out too.

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lesthook said...

I love your bags! I followed your messenger bag tute and made some gifts for Christmas. One for my niece who's dad is back in Iraq. They were a hit! Thank you.

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