Monday, April 18, 2011

the goat farm

 When you move every 2 years you dream of what you forever home will be like. My house will have wood floors, a big studio space, a bedroom for each child and be zoned to have some critters. I am going to have some happy hens that lay blue eggs and 2 milking goats. I might have a fancy Angora goat too...we shall see.

Well, on a whim I bought these books from Amazon and they are fabulous. Quite straight forward and filled with great information. Ashley English is from Chandler, NC which is close to where my parents live, so that is pretty neat too.
 Well, this weekend, my neighbor a great amiga was babysitting a little goat farm so my little brood tagged along too. We got to feed the big goats and then feed the little ones whose mom died.

 Sharon and I planned to milk some of the ladies so we could make some Chevre cheese. I had visions of making some great stuff, right? Well, milking a nanny goat who is not milked on a regular basis is not an easy task. I had the goat by the horns and shoved up against a fence while Sharon tired to milk her. Both of us have nursed our own babies and I was a lactation consultant for heaven sake. It should have been simple. It wasn't. We did get about a cup of goat milk. And I did indeed try to make chevre. It never curdled like it was supposed to. Oh well....I will try again later. Plus these goats are not famous for their milk, these guys are for grilling. I am not wild about goat meat, so I won't return to assist with the slaughter.

 All the little babies were so sweet skipping around. and nibbling on your shirts and shorts.

Our children got to feed the little orphan kids who were painted blue for easy identification. It was a great Saturday. Like having a petting zoo all to yourself.


Kristin L said...

I too am making a list for my forever home. No goats though -- just windows that open in for easy cleaning, and walking distance to public transportation. Like the apartments we lived in in Europe. ;-)

Anonymous said...

loved the pics of the goat farm, maybe your dad and i can visit it when we visit. mom

Anonymous said...

Boer goats will ever produce enough milk to make chese. My family raises both boer goats and dairy goats. LaMancha's and Alpines are our favorite daiy goats and the are GREAT milk producers!!!!!

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