Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Sunday Morning

 Good Morning Folks! How are you doing? I hope you are good. We are. I made bagels this morning. Boiling dough is kinda cool. I think my bagels were better than store bought ones, but I really can't remember when the last time I bought bagels at a store.  I added cranberries to some, and my favorites had dried cherries in them, there were also just sesame seed ones too (they will be good for lunch). I made pretzles last night, since we were having bratwursts so I just used the same dough for the bagels this morning. I have this great bread book that I normally use when I make fresh bread. It is nice to make your own bread, and so very much easier than you would just takes some time and thought.

When I am not sewing on bags, I am doing a bit of hand stitching. I think I have the problem I was having with one of my quilts worked out.
 These pretty red flowers will be the corners. I think that may take care of my reservations about this quilt.

I know this picture is pretty terrible, but we were having gale force winds (well not really gale force, but about 25 mile an hour winds) so I had to hang it in front of my garage. In the shade.  I am no longer rushing this quilt since I am going to take a while quilting it.  I am still not really sure what I am going to do with it when it is finished, but that is fine.

I am also going to participate in the Naked Bed Challenge over on the Last Piece. Stu and I were talking last night about how we needed another quilt for our bed, or at least a different one. We have slept under Norberta since I made her back in Australia.  I don't make the massive quilts very often, Normally they are big enough to put on a bed, or wrap up with on the sofa, but I don't think I have EVER made a quilt just for my Bed. We just like to layer up a bunch and kick them off as the weather changes. I do have a plan. It involves spoon flower, so I better get on the ball. Stu is going to assist me in this endeavor.

I wish I could get Sarah Fielke's newest book, if I was in Australia I would already have it. I am really loveing Material Obsession 2. If you are in the market for a new quilting book give that one a try. My hexagon quilt is based on a pattern from that book. That quilt is still folded up on the back of my sewing chair waiting to be quilted. It has taken me a while to decide HOW to quilt it. But I think I have it sorted now. I will quilt it when I am finished with the bags I am working on.

Well, have a lovely rest of your weekend. I am going to tidy up a bit and then go back to the bags.



lesthook said...

Bagels! Yum! I haven't made those in awhile.

teaginny said...

OMgosh. that quilt is amazing. A. maz. ing. seriously.

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