Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Army! 236 years and still going strong.

 So last night was the Army Birthday Ball. The US Army is now 236 years old.  I think that is great. It was the best ball I have been to in years. We danced late into the night and we got to sit with 2 retired Sargent Majors and their wives and Sharon and Brian. I had a great time. The guest speaker was fabulous and had a couple moments of man tears which always choke me up.

I made myself a little fancy bag out of the hem from my gown. I altered the dress myself (finally) so me and my short legs can get around and dance a bit without killing my dance partner and myself.

 Me and some of my friends. It is so fun to dress up and look fancy for an evening.
What Birthday would be complete without a birthday cake? The oldest and youngest soldier cut the cake. I wanted to get a picture of another of our special can kinda see the little boy's face in the upper right hand corner of this picture. We made him an honorary Sargent Major complete with a tiny uniform jacket. He is a "Make a Wish" kiddo. His wish was to be in the Army. So the soldiers made that wish come true. His other wish was to dance with a lovely wife who had the most fantastic red gown. She twirled him around the dance floor. It was wonderful.

Happy Birthday Army! May you have many more defending this great nation!

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Erica said...

you guys look great! Makes me miss our ball days!

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