Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How was your weekend?

 I hope your weekend was good. We had one of the best weekends we have had in ages. It was a a spontaneous little "stay-cation".  We rented this beast from outdoor recreation and had a blast. If you ever want to meet all your neighbors and their children, just put one of these up in your yard. They will come running (literally).
 I went down the slide a couple times too and it really was quite fun. But is was so hot, that anything to cool off is welcome.
 My husband set this little shade lean-too for the adults and I to huddle under. I worked on some of the blocks from my BeeFF quilt. It is going to be awesome! I also tried a winerita. Have you ever had one? It is wine, a margarita type mix and ice all blended up. It was good.

 See, that is what I was working on. Lisa made this block for me. Her hand applique is amazing.

 You can't even see her stitches. The girls of my Bee FF quilt bee really did amazing work for my quilt.

 In the evening it was time to wrap the operation up. I was impressed with how tiny this giant slide can be rolled up.
 My children were exhausted after 2 days of sliding in the sun. The boys had been reading books together and fell asleep in the same bed. I love it when they do that. I think they look like puppies.

 While the kids were sleeping I made this little Curvy Clutch out of the tent fabric (same tent fabric that I lined the Life Guard bags with).

 I do wish I would have put the tent up first to get a picture of it. According to Sharon it is kinda a pain to put together and I was just so excited to cut it up....maybe next time, huh?

 Oh, we did take a hostage from the yard on Sunday. I thought it was a tarantula, so we captured him. Sam has named him Tiberius ( yet another General...this one Roman). Oddly enough the information I gathered about Tiberius sounds quite fitting for this fellow.

Look at this guy. Isn't he horrible looking. He is quite the assassin. We have been supplying him with a steady diet of grasshoppers and it is really nightmarish to watch him grab them and kill them. Between you and me, Tiberius may soon be liberated back out to the desert. It is gross to have him on my kitchen counter.

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