Monday, August 22, 2011

cleanest scorpian in West Texas

cleanest scorpian in West Texas by CampFollowerBagLady
cleanest scorpian in West Texas, a photo by CampFollowerBagLady on Flickr.

How do I know? Because I almost killed myself leaping out of the shower trying to get away from him. I didn't notice him until I had my conditioner he was in there a while with me. Why didn't I notice him? I was busy planning how I am going to quilt Michelle's quilt. He is now my prisoner in a Ball Jar.


Jennifer said...

My biggest life fear, for myself, is to require the need of paramedics/firemen because some terrible accident has befallen me while in the shower, causing me to fall, without grace, landing naked and slippery, limbs askew on my bathroom floor,unable to do anything but call out in pain and agony. Of course only the most gorgeous and muscled of rescuers would come to aid me, adding further mortal embarrassment to the situation. And of course, no care to cover my wobbly bits would be made in the haste of safely rolling me across the lawn to the ambulance, thereby allowing the gathered throngs of onlookers to share in my shame.

Seeing that creature in my tub would have made this nightmare come true. I could only pray to be unconscious during the whole of the experience.

the Campfollower said...

Jennifer, that is one of my worst fears as well, and I had that very thought in the back of my mind (right behind the thought that this bastard had stung me and I just had too much Adrenalin charging through my body to feel the pain yet).

Lori said...

never sew in your underwear! A lady told me a story of how she was in her underwear--discovered her pants needed fixing--and then sewed over her finger! Neither her or her husband could release her finger or take the needle out. Called the ambulance/paramedics. OF COURSE they were men she had attended high school with--and she was mortified. They eventually transported both her AND the machine to the ER. (Now I wonder what kind of underwear she was wearing--Victoria's secrets or granny type?)

Scorpion in the shower--honey--I would have been in Kansas by now and still running--naked!

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