Monday, August 29, 2011

peppers and Horney toads

 Hey there folks. I hope your weekend was a great one. Ours was. We froze and entire bushel of fire roasted Hatch Chilies. They are HOT HOT HOT. I cleaned some out to make a roasted potato thing and it felt like I was huffing pepper gas (not that I ever have, but I have inhaled pepper gas in the gas chamber when I was in the Army) Not quite that bad but definitely hot peppers I was working with. I like spicy. Thank goodness the kiddos and my husband do too. ****the potato dish was wonderful. The roof of my mouth is a bit raw, but that didn't stop me from having seconds. The kids had extra helpings as well, but they tried to pick off the peppers.

 My neighbors son found this guy this yesterday morning. Isn't he the cutest reptile you have ever seen? Emma immediately charged out into the "boonies" to find her own, but came back with not but a sunburn. Horny toads are an elusive beastie. I used to catch them when I was a squirt living in New Mexico, but I guess there were more of them back then. Heck, I caught any poor creature that was unlucky enough to stumble into my eyesight. My kids are the same. I have taken to having an entire cabinet of jars and containers just for them. Not for storing flowers and toys, but for trapping bugs and reptiles (especially ones found in my shower). Emma is just as feral as the boys. I love it. I want her bold and fearless. I want my boys the same way. I think it will work really well for them in the future.

 I love Gods design. This guy is made to eat ants. Our tender human flesh blisters and burns beneath the venom of these horrible western ants, but God gave this fellow armor for his lifestyle. I think he gave us armor too. I always want to be positive and productive, but sometimes I am surrounded by too much negativity and I really do feel like horns and spikes poke through my pink skin.

 But despite the thorns and spikes I am lifted up when I see the gifts that I have been given. I have a wonderful family a happy house to live in, more fabric than I will be able to use in my lifetime. I just need a bit of time to recharge and then I am good to go. You have them too, gifts and tools to use in your life. Your gifts and your armor are meant to be. Use them as you are lead, go with your gut and become the tool for great things.

 I rearranged my sewing room the other day. Mainly so I could quilt Michelle's Quilt without having my chair smashed each time the back door is opened. I like it like this OK. I have to keep my cutting table small (It lets out to be really big, and I LOVE that when I am cutting a bunch of fabric for bags or quilts.) and that I am not wild about. I have to be much more organized with a small table. But that is fine. I really can organize myself. It is just a bit more of a challenge.

 Great things are happening with my bags. I think my first Stu Tote (in months) will be finished tomorrow. Then a backpack quickly thereafter. I feel downright recharged regarding the bags. I have about 7 new bag designs in my imagination, but need about 3 more hours each day to make them pop out. I am working on a Duffel Bag design and I am quite thrilled about it.

I had to buy a new Iron today. My other one had a really terrible demise. It was Ike's fault, (big hairy black cat) he likes to jump up on the ironing board to soak up the afternoon sun, and knocked my iron off while it was turned on and super hot. So one of the plastic feet to the ironing board melted all over the hot part of the iron and liquid plastic got all inside the Iron and there is no way to get it out. The last couple Irons I have gone through have been pretty simple. I just want heavy, hot and Steam. Once upon a time I bought a really fancy one, it had little feet it would perch upon when you set it was so fancy. But I dropped it on tile floor and it started having seizures, so I don't buy fancy ones anymore. I don't think it is worth the money. I will spend a small fortune on a sewing machine and only use 3 of the features on it, but I don't spend money on other things. I guess I have been doing this long enough I feel comfortable with my craft requirements.

OK, I am going to the gym for about 30 minutes and then back home to finish some bags. I can't wait to show you 2 of them. One I really really really want to keep for myself, but maybe I will just make myself one. I am due for a nice one, and I need a fancy bag to carry around Quilt Market in Houston. I am going this year. I can't wait!!!! Will you be there? We can meet up I bet.

Have a great day!



silversmith said...

love the horny toad (and hatch peppers!!!)

i won't be at market this fall, but i'll definitely be at the festival. are you sticking around for festival? i'd LOVE to meet up with you again and have some fun. plus, sean will be there with me and i bet he'll be carrying his messenger bag for all his goodies bought.

Lynn said...

I have had a couple of fancy irons. One broke when it fell of the ironing board and the other had a super slick bottom that lost it's slick and then it always left a brown smurdge on my fabric. I now use an old presteam iron from the thrift. I think your "classic" design might be just the thing for me. I sometimes want the steam feature. I just keep a spray bottle by the ironing board.
I bet your new one is like the one my mom used to have when I was growing up.

I wish I could come to market and have a meet up.

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