Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend at my house

 So, this is our Labor Day Weekend so far...Emma now wears glasses. But seriously, they are the cutest glasses ever.
 We got up early this morning to give the new Gammill some love in the form of maintenance. She has been in storage for over 10 years, so some love and attention was in order.

 I think my husband likes this beast almost as much as me.  It is so industrial looking. The neighbor boys (and little girls) kept popping into the garage to ask questions about the machine or give me their hypothesis about how the long arm actually works. They were really funny. Especially since over the fan and the machine and my ipod I really couldn't hear what anyone was saying. But I had lots of help and company setting up my second quilt on the frame. The first quilt was yesterday, and it was really just some ugly fabric with batting between. It is a quilt for Stanley now. Took more time to set it up on the frame than to actually quilt it.                      
 My Ethan was even drawn down to try his skills out. He thought no one was this is what he does when he thinks no one is around. It was about 0800 when this picture taken. It was still early. Obviously we were at home. He was not all alone.

 I made these AWESOME buns. From Joy the Baker. I can't tell you how wonderful they made my house smell. Between the smell of raspberry - lemon buns, my sweet family and all the fabric and sewing machines this place was heaven today.

 Because I am so short, and the table is too tall, my fellas made me a long stage to stand on while I quilt with the Gammill. Sam and Ethan helped out.

 I got to invent a pin cushion for all these crazy pins. I don't know if you know or not (I sure didn't before I used a quilt frame) but you have to pin the heck out of your quilt before quilting. I have been using this wonderful Youtube video to figure out how to load my own quilts. June (the lady I bought the machine from) is coming over Tuesday to give me some pointers, but I really did not want to wait until Tuesday to use it. Mom, you should watch that movie. It may make the whole process more clear.

 Even my little featherweight is getting in on the quilting action. I am using her as a bobbin winder.

 So here I am quilting away. It is kinda like quilting outside. I will not normally have the garage doors open, but with all the commotion taking place it seemed fitting.

 This quilt is not a fancy thing, it is really a horrible one that I started about 3 years ago. I think that it was the first Jelly Roll I ever bought. It is one by Fig Tree quilts. I stitched all these strips together, but it ended up being a really long narrow quilt top, so for a couple occasions I used it as a table cloth, but now it is a quilt...I unpicked a bunch and did some cutting and more sewing...and I think this will be about 80 by 100 when all is said and done. Anyway the quilting has gone well. I am already learning some tricks about this older Gammill.
The machine is really big, isn't it? I found it on Craigs list on a whim. June, had not used it for over 10 years and was looking to find it a new home. She said her asking price was negotiable, and I love a good negotiation! It is not new, but it is fantastic. And dear heaven it makes quilting easy!

I think we are just going to grill burgers tomorrow...maybe try the Cowboy church. The kids get to rope goats during Sunday school.

I hope your weekend is going to go well. Thanks for stopping by!



Solidia said...

It sounds as if you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Thanks for sharing the fun!! ;o)

Nancy D. said...

How fun! That is one huge machine to work with:0) Hope you enjoy it.

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

You know what Tia, I am horribly jealous of your Gammill - it looks so cool you driving that beast over your quilts! And why all the pinning?

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