Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some quilts for the Texas Wild Fires

 So, yesterday evening I was sitting with my new book (37 sketches by Gwen Marston) and my pretty new fabric (some new stuff from Denyse Schmidt that I ordered from Jo Ann's fabric) and my fluffy cat, and I was thinking...What am I going to do with these 2 quilts I just finished? Maybe I should donate them? I really don't need them. Well, this morning on True Up blog I saw what I was hoping for! A great opportunity to give back to the community in which I live. Well, I live way down the road a way, but it is still in Texas nevertheless. The Central Texas Wild Fire Quilt Drive. I am going to bind them and send them off. Maybe you have something in your quilt chest you don't LOVE? I am not terribly attached to these quilts, I just wanted to try out my new long arm.

 I am happy with how they turned out. I got excited about trying out my swirls, but they seemed to take on a life of their own. I used Quilters Dream Wool Batting with this quilt and the additional loft really makes the 3 dimensional shapes pop off the quilt top.

 This quilt top has been in my UFO drawer for years. In fact I did a tutorial on how to make 3D pinwheels on Flickr back in 2008...heck maybe the tutorial is here on this blog somewhere?

 I never really knew how to quilt it, so it stayed in it's drawer. All alone and all but forgotten. But now it will have a purpose. I hope it makes a child feel a bit of comfort after such devastation by Mother Nature (she really has been on a rampage lately hasn't she?).

 On Tuesday I was driving home from the gym and I could see the smoke from the fires off on the horizon. Bastrop County is pretty far away from San Angelo, but it is so flat out here we can see forever.

 This is the other quilt I am sending to the quilt drive. I made most of the top years ago with my very first jelly roll. But once again I was unhappy with the quilt and stuck it in the UFO drawer. I took it out on Saturday and made some changes to it so I could quilt a really big quilt on my long arm. I quilted it kinda like a sampler.

 This quadrant looks like ripples on a pond.

 This quadrant is intersecting straight lines. I have always wanted to quilt like this, so now I can!

 Loops are always wonderful and on a long arm this quadrant took about 10 minutes.

And this is the quadrant I started swirls. I love swirls!

OK, I have a list of things to do today beginning with washing my windows. cleaning my house is way up high on the list today since I have spent all my time sewing lately the house has taken some abuse. I also need to send out pictures of finished bags.

OK, have a great day and send a quilt to help the kids who have lost their homes to the Texas Wild Fires! Spread it around on your blogs too!


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