Thursday, September 1, 2011

Something I have been meaning to do for years

 This is my husband's checkbook cover. Yep, an old ziplock bag. He loves putting little things in ziplock bags, must be the Infantryman in him? It keeps little things safe and dry in the bottom of your duffel bag, right? Well, I finally made him a pretty checkbook cover. I think he asked me to make him one about 4 years ago, but I swear I have the train of thought of a Beta fish sometimes (3 second memory). Not really, I am being sarcastic. Sorta. My checkbook cover is still the blue plastic one I got when I opened my bank account 14 years ago! It looks worse than the zippy bag up there.

 So here is the checkbook cover I made my dear husband. I used my special waxed canvas that I bought in Alice Springs, Australia. I will be so sad when I run out of this fabric. I gave him a pop of color with some Amy Butler fabric. I have a layer of flannel between the waxed canvas and the quilting cotton.

 I quilted it with wavy lines using a verigated blue cotton thread named Aswan. Isn't that a great name for a blue?

 Nice snug fit for a checkbook. Now I need to make myself one too. I used Crazy Mom Quilts tutorial from a couple years back.

See, he can still keep in it's ziplock baggy. But it just looks prettier, don't you think so too?

My Gammill long arm arrives this afternoon! Do you want to know a secret? Oh, I will just tell you after I have it all set up.


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I love that when he opens it and sees the pop of blue flowers, he will think of you :)

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