Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hey there

 How are you doing? We are good here in West Texas. I think the weather may be dropping off a bit, it is only supposed to get up to about 89 F today. Burrrrr. I am joking! it is totally not cold. So, today I went to have a routine eye exam. I have been having a hell of a time threading quilting needles lately and my husband keeps telling me I am squinting. So...turns out I need some spectacles for reading and sewing. I have always wanted glasses. They are giving me a headache at the moment, but I think I will like them when I get them sorted.

 I worked on this quilt a bunch this weekend. I LOVE my Long arm. I have finally figured out which thread it likes to quilt with and I have the tension sorted too. That was a pain in the butt, I will tell you. June (the lady who owned it before me), used to make drapes with it. It had been sitting in storage for 10 years, and there was no users manual. I have been learning a heap from youtube, and talking with Angela. What a lifesaver both are. I feel like quite the mechanic working with this machine. I love old machines. They are such an adventure to figure out their secrets.

 Stu and I turned the other side of the garage/studio into Emma's painting studio. Saturday she and Sharon's son were painting while I was setting up the quilt. We were listening to music and the kids were singing away. It was so very wonderful.

 Sharon gave us a painting lesson. Emma insisted on acrylics and I prefer watercolors. But we learned a ton.

Last but not least I am trying to learn to knit. My aunt gave me my grandmothers knitting needles and I have always wanted to put them back to use. I decided that this year was going to be the one I would learn to knit. I checked out a stack of knitting books from the library, but the one I learned the most from is Kids Knitting.  I guess I need cartoon pictures and really simple writing to understand. I remember a time when I was quite bright and I could read and understand just about anything...I don't know what happened? It must be motherhood. Or maybe I have too much going on. Oh well.



Krista said...

glasses totally suit you! I hope you get used to them quickly.

So awesome that you are getting used to your longarm! I love how your whole family is so supportive of the work you do.

Brenda said...

I can't quite figure out how one uses a long arm to make drapes? to sew them with?

em's scrapbag said...

The mermaid picture of Emma's is great! And love the flying geese quilt is to die for.

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