Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moda friends at Market and Cloud 9 fabric (my quilts!!!!!)

 Hey there! How is your weekend going? Mine is going great! I am making super progress on a quilt (it is a surprise for later, so I won't be showing you pictures...I know your heart is breaking - sorry.)

So on our first stop this evening we will pause at the Moda booth. I dig Moda fabric. They have designers whose work spans all aspects of art. I am hoping my friend (Sharon Smith) and partner in craft will get picked up by them. The booth pictures above is Sweetwater. I love their fabric collections - they pretty much always have some sort of text in their collections. I love text fabric! I also love that cross quilt. Why didn't I think of that? I could have knocked that out in an afternoon. Oh well someone else made it and it is lovely.

This is the Moda booth that I spent the most time in because my blog world friends have Moda collections and they were standing about chatting with people. You is funny meeting people you have been reading about for years via their blogs. It is a tiny bit strange, but normal too. Each one was totally how I pictured them to be! I have been reading blogs since I lived in the middle of the Australian outback. These ladies were my crafting inspiration. Now it was strang walking around market looking at people and their booths, and seeing faces you just know you should know. See...I never forget a face, but I normally can't remember where I met or saw the face. Bummer, huh? I have a super power, but it sure does have a big flaw.

This is Aneela Hoey. She makes great fabric. I have a jelly roll and 2 charm packs of Sherbet Pips that is sitting on my shelf waiting to be made into something...and every time I look at it I think of Aneela. She is such a quiet calm soul. Aneela was great to meet.

This is Katy. She is one of my long time Flickr friends. I feel like I have known her forever. She is terrific. If I was skinnier I would want all her clothes. I quilted a quilt for her and delivered it to her at Market. Sharon and I had lots of fun talking to Katy.

This was Lucie Summers section of the Moda booth. I really like the simplicity of her first line of fabric, Summerville. I am sure I will buy my fair share. I hope you all do too because it is wonderful.

Can you see the lady with really short blond hair? Sharon and I were sitting with her at the tall table just talking away. I looked down at her name tag and I didn't recognize the name...but she was so wonderful. So I asked her "so...what brings you here?" She said that she designed the fabric for Cosmo Cricket. Holy cow! How cool. I love Cosmo Cricket fabric! I have been backing my way through an entire bolt of Girl Friday lined paper. (it is the only time I have ever bought an entire bolt of fabric to use only be backs because I love it so much). She is brilliant and I want to sew for her.

So her are Lucie Summers and I. I think I am talking to someone.

And her are Aneela, Lu and I. This was Sunday, so I was not quite as camera trigger happy as I had been the day before.

So, now lets look at the Cloud 9 booth. You see, cloud 9 had the best quilts ever!!!! Yes they did. Why, you ask? Well, because I made 2 of them!!!!!! I really wanted to visit my quilts, but as I was walking around the first day I almost forgot all about them! Sharon and I went back into the market to hunt them out. I had the booth number and I was sneaking up on them when I looked up and just froze! I am pretty sure people were slamming into me from behind, but I was in too much shock to notice because there in front of me was MY MISCELLANY QUILT!!!!!!! It was hanging up big and beautiful as their back drop. When my heart began beating again I walked up to it and had my hand out to touch it. Gina intercepted me. I said...."I love that quilt!" She said "I know! It has been so popular with everyone!" I said "Really??" I then introduced myself and told her that I was the one who had made it for them! Gina was so sweet. She is a tiny little thing! I hung around and waited for Michelle Engel-Bencsko to get back from a coffee run so I could meet her too.

You can see some of my Geese Flying over the Pond quilt here in this shot.  It is in such good company there on the rack.

Some more of my Miscellany quilt. I have more of this fabric and I intend to make myself a quilt quite similar to the one I made for Michelle. I think it will have a different boarder. I make it for myself for Christmas. Merry Christmas me!

More of my geese.
Lynn made this wonderful computer pouch. I love the Nethercote print from Miscellany and Lynn really made it even better!

Such pretty stitching!

Below is another picture of me and Michelle. I am so happy she likes her quilts. I always have some anxiety that I will make something for someone and they will not appreciate all the work I have put into it. I think Michelle appreciates my work.

OK, Do you want some freebies? I think I have something in my bag for you.


Mom on the Move! said...

I like freebies... and wish I could go play at Market. what fun.

silversmith said...

are they awesome miscellany freebies? or just other awesome freebies? count me in!!

congrats on having several quilts at market. they look awesome!

LivingVintage.etsy said...

Great pictures! One of these days I'll make it to Market. Congrats on the fab quilts. I love freebies too.

LivingVintage.etsy said...

Great pictures. Congrats on the fab quilts at Market. I love freebies too.

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