Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another little sewing bag

Hey there! I made myself another little (well, not so little) sewing bag. I have been going a bit crazy in the evenings when I don't have something to work on while watching tv with the kiddos (the voice and american idol...and some Downton Abby after the kids go to bed if we are still awake).

I actually have a ton of little projects that are floundering that could use some hand stitching, but they are scattered all over the sewing room and I don't have the patience to get them I thought to know what you need Tia? You need another zipper bag! You should drag out some of those orphan blocks that you had such big plans for ages ago and make them into something. I have quite a few zippers so I have some zipper bags in the works. I like this one. My little old scrappy triangles are safely stored away by the sofa ready for some love.

If you would like to make your self a really easy zip bag there is a great tutorial HERE.

We are going to the rodeo tomorrow!

happy sewing!

1 comment:

What Comes Next? said...

love these bags you've been making - I am going to give that a try tomorrow - thanks for the link!

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